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Nestle Fruita Vitals Lucky Draw

Nestle Fruita Vitals Lucky Draw

Check out the list for the winners of 1000 other exciting prizes for our WinYourDream Promo.The winner(s) shall/have been contacted by Nestlé NAATA (0800-62282) for verification of personal details after which confirmation emails have/shall be sent.

Nestle Fruita Vitals winners Lists

The Name(s) of the winner(s) are as mentioned hereinabove. The awarding of the three main prize(s) shall be held at Nestlé Head Office, 308 Upper Mall Lahore, Pakistan on the date communicated by Nestlé Pakistan Limited to the winners and the remaining gifts will be couriered later to respective winners.
We request all to ignore any fraudulent calls from individuals claiming to be Nestlé NAATA. Nestlé Pakistan Limited shall not be held responsible/liable for any such fraudulent activities or any loss on account of such activities.

Nestle Fruita Vitals Flavours:

NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS is the brand of choice within the premium juice, nectars and drinks category for young adults. NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS offers the promise of superior quality with the best fruits sourced from around the world.
Apart from great taste, our entire range is now Calorie Smart which means less than 100 calories per serving making it perfect for a healthy lifestyle.
Fruita Vitals Flavours:

NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS is currently available in Kinnow, Apple, Red Grape, Pineapple, Chaunsa, Guava, Peach, Pomegranate and 100% Orange variants.

Nazeer Ahmad: lucky winner

won a car

Nestle Fruita Vitals winners names

In a world full of posers, pretenders and actors, it’s refreshing to come across people who are truly genuine, who are not afraid to be upfront about who they are. These people know what really matters.

Being real. Being genuine. In your thoughts, your actions, your relationships, in the way you live. Being grounded. Being comfortable in your own skin. Being OK with who you are.

There is something very liberating about that. When you’re genuine, others sit up and take notice. People are drawn to you. When you keep it real, your real life begins.

Fruita Vitals is Nestlé’s range of premium juice and nectars, made from real fruit and packed with all the essential nutrients your body needs for optimum function. The exquisite taste and freshness offers the ultimate fruit experience to invigorate and revitalize you, so you live life to the fullest and naturally.

Nestle Fruita Vitals

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