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NED University OF Engineering and Technology Karachi Online Bachelor’s entrance Test Result 2022

Karachi: 42.6% students of Karachi Board passed NED test 2022. Out of 14337 candidates appearing for the Bachelor of Engineering test for about 2600 seats, 42% or 6030 candidates have passed the test and 58% candidates have failed the test. Last year 52% of the candidates had passed the test. Admissions have been decided on the basis of matriculation this year, saving students valuable time due to delays in Inter results.

NED University OF Engineering and Technology Karachi Online Bachelor’s entrance Test Result 2022

The merit list will be posted till October 22, while the students will be interviewed from October 25. The session will start from November 22.

NED University OF Engineering and Technology Karachi Online Entry Test 2020

All students who have passed the entrance test with at least 50% marks or the Seth One and Two exams under a certain score will be eligible for admission. Will be based on the numbers. For admission, the category will be taken from the board from which the student has passed the intermediate examination.

Matriculation points of successful students of last three years will be deducted by 0.9% marks, admission will be on temporary basis.

A minimum of 60% marks is required for admissions in Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science, and at least 55% marks are required for BS program.

Out of 905 students from Hyderabad Board, 285 passed the test and the result was 31%. Out of 486 students from Sukkur Board, 115 students passed the test and the result was 23.6%. From Larkana Board of Education, 125 out of 501 students passed and result 25 Similarly, 137 out of 547 students from Mirpur Khas Board passed and the result was 25%. Out of 263 students from Nawabshah Board, 56 passed and the result was 29%. On the other hand, candidates from Federal Board, Cambridge and Aga Khan Board The number was limited but their results were better. 641 students from Cambridge Board participated and 551 passed. Aga Khan Board passed 98 out of 128 while 331 participants and 206 passed from Federal Board. 62% of Federal Board, 86% of Cambridge and Agha. 78% students of Khan Board passed.

NED University OF Engineering and Technology Karachi Online Bachelor's entrance Test 2020

According to the test data obtained from NED University, the best result in the Sindh Board of Education was from the students from Karachi and 4384 out of 10290 students who took the test after appearing in the entrance examinations from this board. 42.6% of the students of Karachi Board passed the NED test while the result of any other board of Sindh could not exceed 31%. After Karachi, the best result was of Hyderabad Board.
With the help of the software, the questions of the two candidates sitting together will be different till the serial of the questions. The students will not be given an “answer key” and the test result will be compiled and released from the software itself. A level students are specially instructed to prepare their equivalence from IBCC.

Due to being promoted without examination, 9200 candidates participated in this test but this year this number has increased to more than 14 thousand which is also a record in the history of NED. This time 9964 boys participated in the test. There were 4373 girls and 3731 boys and 2299 girls.

Last year 100 seats of our self-finance were vacant while this year the result ratio has dropped further so we have given another chance to the students through “re-test”. The students who have failed the test are more than 50%. Candidates who have passed the first test can also participate in the test to improve their results if they do not improve in the second test. Their merit for admission will be counted on the basis of first result.