Saturday , November 26 2022



The Government of Pakistan has undertaken a major overhaul of the Housing Finance Markup Subsidy Scheme in its efforts to promote low-cost and affordable housing in low- to middle-income groups.

The Government of Pakistan has started providing mark-up subsidy facilities for the construction sector and the purchase of new houses to provide housing finance to first-time homebuyers at discounted and affordable mark-up rates.


Naya Pakistan Certificate is issued by the Government of Pakistan, for Foreign Currency Value Account holder (FCVA) and Pakistani Rupee Value account holder (NRVA), to invest in high interest yielding certificates. Along with lucrative rates for investors these certificates also provide an opportunity to contribute toward the development of Pakistan.

To expand the scope of the scheme and to benefit more households, the Government of Pakistan, on the recommendation of stakeholders, has approved significant changes in key aspects of the scheme. Investors shall have the option to subscribe to either PKR denominated or US Dollar-denominated certificates of three Month, six Month, 12-Month, three Year, and Five Year tenors.

Microfinance banks specialize in lending to low-income households, so it has been suggested that the involvement of microfinance banks will significantly increase the reach of these schemes to these groups.

Under this level, microfinance banks will either use their own funds or lend to microfinance banks, which will provide these loans to low-income housing finance applicants. Under the first tier (up to 5 marlas and 850 sq. Ft. Cord housing units under NEFDA projects), the discounted end-user markup rate has been reduced to 3% for the first 5 years and 5% for the next 5 years.