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NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MODERN LANGUAGES H-9, ISLAMABAD (NUML) offers following short courses during summer vacation from 01 July to 02 August 2019.

  1. Language Courses (Min Qual: Matric OR Matric appeared)

(1) Arabic (2) Afghan Persian(Dari) (3) Balochi

(4) Bangla (5) Bahasa (Indonesian) (6) Chinese

(7) English (8) French (9) German

(10) Hindi (11) Japanese (12) Korean

(13) Pashto (14) Persian (15) Punjabi

(16) Russian / Uzbek (17) Spanish (18) Turkish

(19) Urdu for Foreigners


(Eligibility: Open for All)

(1) Quranic Arabic Course

(2) Arabic-English Spoken & Grammar Course (for foreigners)

(Eligibility: Matric or Matric appeared)


(2) Tajweed-ul-Quran

(3) Pakistaniat

 (Eligibility: Intermediate or Equivalent)

(1) Psychological First Aid

(2) Capacity Building (Design your life for well being)

(3) Applied Educational Leadership

(4) Montessori and Early Childhood Education

(5) Professional Development of Teachers

(6) Asool-e-Tafseer

(7) Asool-e-Hadith

(8) Short Course Introduction to International Relations

(9) Short course in BRI, CPEC & Regional Development

(10)Short course in Maritime potential of Pakistan: The Blue Economy

(11)Short Course in Photography

(12)Short Course in Visual Arts

(13)Short Course in Mobile Journalism

(14)Short Course in Podcasting

(15)Research Methods in Social Sciences

NUML short courses Admission Advertisement: 

NUML short courses Admission

(Eligibility: Graduation or Equivalent)

(1) Self – Awareness and Leadership skills

(2) Introduction to Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)

(3) Short Course in Television Journalism

(4) Short Course in Digital Advertising & Graphic Designing

(5) Orientation to CSS

  1. Registration / Processing Fee : Rs. 1000/-
  2. For admission / registration visit NUML website ( and apply online. Scanned copies of educational documents / Roll no Slip (for result awaited candidates), CNIC / Form B / Guardian CNIC, picture and paid receipt of Rs.1000/- should be attached with the online admission form.


Admission closing date 17 June 2019

Interviews(Concerned Departments)

Provision of Admit Card & Original documents at the time of interview is mandatory :20 June 2019

Collection of Fee challan / Fee Submission: 25-27 June 2019

Start of Classes 01 July 2019 (08:15-12:15 hrs)

1. Admission / Interview Schedule
a. Last date for receipt of application forms: 17 June 2019
b. Interviews of all courses: 20 June 2019 at 8:30 a.m
c. Courses and Venue of Interviews:-
Ser. Course / Language Venue / Block Department
Arabic, Quranic Arabic, Arabic-English Spoken & Grammar (For foreigners) Nazir Lib Arabic Dept
2. Bangla New Jinnah Block Bangla Dept
3. Balochi, Pashto, Punjabi Pakistani Lang Dept
4. Chinese, Persian, Turkish Roomi Block Concerned Depts
5. German, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian,
Spanish Ghalib Block Concerned Depts
6. Hindi, Indonesian (Bahasa), Urdu Jinnah Block Concerned Depts
7. English, IELTS Iqbal Block English (FC) Dept
8. Asool-e-Tafseer,Asool-e-Hadith, Tajweed-ul-Quran Johar Block Islamic Studies Dept
9. Short Courses:
a. Photography
b. Digital Advertising & Graphic Designing
c. Visual Arts
d. Television Journalism
e. Mobile Journalism
f. Podcasting
Mass Comm Dept
10. Research Methods in Social Sciences, Pakistaniat, Orientation to CSS Pakistan Studies Dept
11. Short Courses:
a. Introduction to International Relations
b. BRI, CPEC & Regional Development
c. Maritime potential of Pakistan: The Blue
Economy Ibn-e-Khaldun Block IR Dept
12. Applied Educational Leadership, Montessori and Early Childhood Education, Introduction to Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS),
Professional Development of Teachers Education Dept
13. Psychological First Aid, Capacity Building (Design your life for well being), Self – Awareness and Leadership skills Psychology Dept

d. Deposit of dues in Askari Bank I-9 / NUML Sub Branch – 25 – 27 June 2019

2. Study Programme:
a. Duration of Course – 5 Weeks (01 July to 02 August 2019)
b. Class Timings – 8:15 a.m to 12:15 p.m
c. Days – 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)
d. Start of Classes – 01 July 2019
3. Other Charges:
a. Transport Charges – Rs.3000/- (Rwp / Islamabad) for the entire course (if availed) Rs.4060/-(Taxila / Wah)
b. Hostel Facility (Pakistani Students Only) (if availed)
i. Room rent including utility services – Rs.7000 /- (lump sum)
ii. Messing – Rs.6500/- (to be paid in advance)
4. Courses/Fee
Course Pakistanis Foreigners
Arabic Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Bahasa (Indonesian) Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Balochi Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Bangla Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Chinese Rs.5500/- Rs.8500/-
English Level – I Rs.5500/- Rs.10000/-
Level – II Rs.5500/- Rs.9000/-
French Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
German Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Hindi Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Japanese Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Korean Rs.5500/- Rs.9000/-
Pashto Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Punjabi Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Persian / Afghan Dari Rs.5500/- Rs.6000/-
Russian / Uzbek Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Spanish Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Turkish Rs.5500/- Rs.8000/-
Urdu Language (For Foreigners) – Rs.9000/-
IELTS Rs.6500/- Rs.9000/-
Introduction to Statistical Package for Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Social Sciences (SPSS)
Educational Leadership Rs.6500/- Rs.8000/-
Montessori and Early Childhood Edu Rs.6500/- Rs.8000/-
Professional Development of Teachers Rs.6500/- Rs.8000/-
Psychological First Aid Rs.6500/- Rs.8000/-
Capacity Building (Design Your Life for Well Being) Rs.6500/- Rs.8000/-
Self – Awareness & Leadership Skills Rs.6500/- Rs.8000/-
Quranic Arabic Rs.6500/- Rs.8000/-
Arabic-English Spoken & Grammar (For Foreigners) – Rs.8000/-
Short Course in International Relations Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Short Course in BRI, CPEC & Regional Dev Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Short Course in Maritime Potential Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
of Pakistan: The Blue Economy
Asool-e-Hadith Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Asool-e-Tafseer Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Tajweed-Ul-Quran Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Orientation to CSS Rs.6500/-
Research Methods in Social Sciences Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Pakistaniat Rs.6500/- Rs.9600/-
Short course in Photography Rs.6500/- Rs.9500/-
Short course in Visual Arts Rs.6500/- Rs.9500/-
Short course in Television Journalism Rs.6500/- Rs.9500/-
Short Course in Digital Advertising Rs.6500/- Rs.9500/-
& Graphic Designing

(Dr.Muhammad Uzair) Director Academics
Tel: 9265100-10
Ext: 2401,2402,2403,2404


Tele: 9265080, PABX 9265100- 10 Ext # 2404, 2406, 2407, 2409, 2403, 2402, 2401