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National Financial literacy Programme

National Financial literacy Programme

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The National Financial Literacy Program (NFLP) has been sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and launched by State Bank of Pakistan. The purpose of this program is to impart knowledge and understanding of basic financial concepts, products and services to low-income Pakistanis to enable better economic decisions.

Research strongly underscores the need for a program like the NFLP and its strategy has been designed with input from intended beneficiaries, the financial sector, microfinance institutions, consultation with trainers and international financial education experts. The program revolves around knowledge-based workshops/sessions conducted to teach people money management skills and encourage use of the formal banking system.

Because successful financial education involves more than simple imparting of information, NFLP’s scope includes an intended change in attitudes and behavior, especially in marginalized communities of both urban and rural areas in Pakistan. Its pictoral handbooks and activity-based workshops are geared to the learning capacity and situations of its target audience, many of whom may be functionally illiterate.

Given the high level of l financial exclusion , national levels of literacy and myths surrounding the formal financial system, NFLP’s immediate priority is to help its participants understand how to manage their money along with their rights and responsibilities in order to utilize the system and improve their living standards.


National  Financial Literacy Program (NFLP)

improve their social and financial well being Sikka Baqaida is a Financial Inclusion Initiative taken by State Bank of Pakistan to facilitate the low-income and unbanked Population of the country. The program is being conducted in collaboration with Commercial and Microfinance banks in 158 districts of Pakistan.

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The information may also be obtained from SBP offices.