Saturday , November 26 2022

Nasir Khan Jan Marriage Pictures

Nasir Khan Jan marriage pictures

Pakistan’s social media star Nasir Khan Jan got married. The marriage of the social media star will take place in October 2020. Nasir Khan Jan is one of the social media stars of Pakistan for his funny videos and congratulating his fans on his birthday in a unique and unique way. Nasir Khan Jan, who adds color to the lives of others, is considered more of a joke than a social media celebrity.

Nasir Khan Jan Marriage Pictures

Nasir Khan Jan Engagement pictures

Nasir Khan Jan got engaged to his loved ones and then gave the good news of the marriage through a social media message. He said that I am finally engaged.

Nasir Khan Jan Nikah pictures

HE also writes on Social Media that my life partner is very good and highly educated. We will get married next week. He also invited millions of fans on social media to his wedding. He welcomes all fans and media channels to this event.