MORA Regular Hajj Scheme Result 2024

Islamabad: Ministry of Religious Affairs has extended the date of submission of application for regular Hajj scheme 2024.

MORA Regular Hajj Scheme Result 2024

Applications for the regular Hajj scheme will now be received till April 2 after the extension of the period. The designated banks will remain open on Saturdays and Sundays for the convenience of the public, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has contacted the State Bank in this regard.

Hajj Application draw Result 2023

The last date has also been extended for receipt of applications for Sponsorship Hajj Scheme which can now be submitted till April 9. It should be noted that the candidates of Sponsorship Hajj Scheme will be declared successful without drawing lots.

During this year, 3 lakh 90 thousand pilgrims have submitted applications for Hajj under the Government Scheme, and in this regard 6 billion rupees have been in banks since one month, while the pilgrims are in a hurry due to uncertainty. Where they are not being given a satisfactorily answer, the Ministry of Religious Affairs is also unable to give the final date of evaluation.
In a statement issued by Federal Minister for Finance, Mohammad Yousuf, issued on February 16, in a statement, the delay due to delay in bankruptcy is not a religious matter, but private pilgrimage operators are responsible for delay in taking several cases. The Criminal Court has been drawn and Minor Religious Affairs is bound to not approve the decision till the cases of these cases come.

It is clear that under Hajj Policy 2023, one lakh 79 thousand 210 pilgrim pilgrims will travel to holy holy year, 60 percent of the government while 40 percent of the pilgrimage quota of Hajj operators. Travel pilgrims and other expenses have not been increased this year, and 5 thousand pilgrims of over 80 years will be sent without attorneyship. Similarly, for a period of 3 years, a separate reward for the non-successful applicant will be estimated

Hajj Applications 2024 Result or list of Successful Applicants

You can get your Hajj Applications 2024 Result or list of Successful Applicants in Draw for Hajj Pilgrim then you are at the right place as candidates you just have to enter your application number and your original CNIC Number to this page and then click on the search button.

Government of Pakistan, Ministry of religious affairs (MORA) schedule the hajj balloting (Draw) on last month. But due to judgement in Lahore and Sindh High Courts, it was postponed.

Now MORA is approaching supreme court of Pakistan to combine the different cases in Islamabad High Court. Private tour hajj operators are in the court against the Govt hajj quota. They are demanding 50/50 Quota for Govt and private hajj schemes.
Now Hajj Qura-Andazi will be held after the courts orders.

A total of 184,210 Pakistanis will perform Hajj this year, according to Ministry of Religious Affairs. Ballot for Government Hajj Scheme – Hajj 2023 has been postponed, next date will be announced soon…


گورنمنٹ سکيم – حج 2023 کی قرعہ اندازی مؤخر کر دی گئ ھے۔ نئ تاريخ کے متعلق آگاہ کر دياجاۓ گاـ

Hajj application result 2024:

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Hajj 2023 Ballot Result
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