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Millat Tractors Massey Ferguson Prices List 2023

Millat Tractors Massey Ferguson Prices List 2023

Due to an increase in the cost of production of tractors on account of an increase in the prices of raw material, labor, utilities, other inputs, and depreciation of Pak Rupee, the prices of MF tractor models are being revised as under w.e.f. 31st January 2023 on bookings.

Massey Ferguson Price 2023 in Pakistan

385 tractor price in Pakistan 2023



Tractor Model HP Price Ex-Factory
Lahore (Rs.)
New Prices Effectiveness
1 MF-240 50 1,795,000 Bookings made on and
after 31.01.2023 except
for the cases detailed
2 MF-260 60 2,075,000
3 MF-260-SE 60 2,115,000
4 MF-360 (2wd) 60 2,195,000
5 MF-360 (4wd) 60 3,140,000
6 MF-375 (2wd) 75 2,766,000
7 MF-375 (4wd) 75 3,730,000
8 MF-385 (2wd) 85 2,860,000
9 MF-385 (4wd) 85 3,788,000

Massey Ferguson new price list 2023

Millat is a global group of companies, recognized for a range of quality products with innovative design capabilities. Millat to be the market leader in agricultural tractors and machinery, building Company’s image through innovation and competitiveness, grow by expanding market and investing into group companies, ensuring satisfaction to customers, stakeholders and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

Millat Tractors Massey Ferguson Prices List 2022


  1. Demand Drafts / Pay Orders dated 26th November 2022 or earlier, if received m MTL upto 06th December 2021 shall be considered at previous prices

2. Quotations issued to the Institutions sha« be entertained as per the terms mentioned in the quotations / agreed

3. In case of Tenders terms agreed m the tenders shall be followed.


You are advised to intimate al ZTBL / Commercial Bank Branches, InsMutions and concerned Customers of your dealership area regarding the applicability of new prices.