Tuesday , March 21 2023

Milk Price in Pakistan March 2023

Milk sellers have illegally increased the price per liter by Rs 20 per liter in Karachi. The price of milk has increased by Rs 40 per liter in two months since December. In contrast to the official rate of Rs 180 in December, the price was Rs 190 a litre.

Milk Price in Pakistan March 2023

Dairy farmers have announced an increase in milk price in Pakistan today once again. From February 11, the price of milk in Karachi will be increased 1 litre milk price in Pakistan today by 20 rupees per liter. After the price hike, milk will increase from Rs 6113 per maund to Rs 6862 per maund.

Milk Price in Pakistan February 2023

Buffalo milk price in Pakistan

At present, milk is being sold at Rs 180 to 190 per liter in the city, after the increase in the price of milk, the citizens will suffer more due to inflation. Commissioner Karachi had increased the price of milk by Rs 10 in December 2022 and fixed the retail price per liter at Rs 180. cow milk price in Pakistan.

Dairy farm owners in Quetta have increased the price of milk by Rs. 40. The president of Balochistan Dairy Farm has said that milk will be sold at Rs. 200 per liter. 13 rupees, live chicken became expensive by 23 rupees 55 paise, bananas became expensive by 10 rupees 37 paise per dozen. The average price of sugar per kg increased by 3 rupees 15 paise, dal mash by 1 rupee 20 paise and cigarettes by 76.45%. It became expensive. During a week, curd, fresh milk, beef and mutton became expensive, apart from this, the prices of flour, dal mong, jaggery, potato also increased.