1 litre fresh milk price in Pakistan today

KARACHI: The new official retail price of milk in Karachi has been set at Rs 200 per litre. The district government of Lahore has issued a notification to increase the price of milk, curd and bread. The official price of milk has been increased by Rs 20 per kg,

The price of curd by Rs 15 per kg and the price of bread by Rs 3 per kg. After the increase, the official price of milk is Rs 160 per kg, curd price is Rs 180 per kg and bread price is Rs 18 per kg.

1 litre fresh milk price in Pakistan today

The x-farm rate will increase by Rs600 per 40kg of milk. Milk prices in Pakistan have increased. A litre of milk costs Rs. 210 in Karachi as of June 9, 2023. The price has increased significantly from Rs. 190 in May 2023. Other Pakistani cities are also seeing an increase in the cost of milk. A litre of milk costs Rs. 200 in Lahore while it costs Rs. 205 in Islamabad.

Milk price in Pakistan December 2023 today

Milk price in Pakistan 2024 today per litre Karachi

1 litre milk price in Karachi today has reduced milk sales by 25 to 30 percent, after which milk prices are likely to fall by Rs 10 per litre. Commissioner Karachi has increased the retail price of milk by Rs 20 and fixed the new retail price from Rs 180 to Rs 200 per litre. This price is fixed for buffalo milk with 6% fat content.

1 litre fresh milk price in Pakistan today

1 litre milk price in Pakistan today, milk is already selling at Rs 180 to 200 per kg, curd at Rs 200 to 220 per kg and bread at Rs 20 per kg. The farm rate of milk is Rs 180 and the wholesale price is fixed at Rs 188 per litre.

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Milk rate in Pakistan 2024 today

The 1 kg milk price in Pakistan today has increased in Pakistan as a result of a number of causes. The rise in the price of animal feed is one of the causes. buffalo milk price in Pakistan, the cost of animal feed has gone up by 20%. This is brought on by a number of things, including the rising cost of wheat and maize. With an increase of Rs 20 in the official price, the retail price is expected to reach Rs 250 per litre.

1 litre milk price in Pakistan today Lahore

The Cow milk price in Pakistan November 2023 today has decreased, which is another factor that has raised the price of milk. Due to the spread of cattle illnesses, the supply of milk has dropped. Bovine pleuropneumonia, rinderpest, and foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks have all occurred in the previous year. Millions of animals have died as a result of these diseases, which has decreased the milk supply.

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اضافہموجودہ ریٹسابقہ ریٹاشیاء
20 روپے فی کلو 160 روپے فی کلو 140 روپے فی کلودودھ
15 روپے فی کلو180 روپے فی کلو165 روپے فی کلوروٹی
3 روپے18 روپے15 روپےدہی

Consumers in Pakistan are extremely concerned about the increase in milk prices. Since milk is a staple commodity in Pakistan, the rise in milk prices is having a negative impact on household finances. In order to solve the issue of rising milk prices, the government is taking action. The government is subsidising dairy farmers in addition to increasing the import of milk powder. It is yet too early to tell whether these actions will be effective in lowering the 1 litre milk price in Karachi today.

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