Thursday , February 9 2023

Mahira Khan Dance with HSY designer video viral

. Mahira Khan Dance with HSY designer video viral

KARACHI:  Actress Mehra Khan with a well-known artist and well-known designer Hassan Shahriar Yasin Al-Maarov HSY Khan Dance video is going viral on social media. She is dancing with HSY Video shows on Madam Noor Jahan Song.  Designer Hassan Shahriar Yasin shares a video on social media of a wedding ceremony in which both are dancing on Madam Noor Song.


Mahira Khan is Pakistani film and TV Actress has danced with fashioner designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin  The video clasp shared on Instagram by HSY that has been doing the rounds on the web is from their companions’ mehndi, wherein Mahira can be seen getting a move on an old melody by the superb Madam Noor Jehan. “Me and Mahira, Kami and Feeha separate it on the move floor at Musti and Nishas Mehndi today around evening time with a great Madam Noor Jehan hit. Had a great time. Love you all,” HSY inscribed the video. Mahira can be seen channeling her inward diva and having a great time on the move floor alongside HSY, creators Kamiar Rokni, and Feeha Jamshed. Mahira Khan dances so well on Punjabi songs that she is widely praised by social media users.