Tuesday , March 21 2023

LLF 2023 Prizes Winner Name List

Lahore: The three-day Lahore Literary Festival has started at Al Hamra Arts Council. Al-Hamra has taken great steps to make the Lahore Literary Festival a success and for three days Zaban Wadab gatherings will be organized in Al-Hamra. To know and understand literature, such festivals should continue. It is the third and last day of the ongoing Literary Festival in Lahore.

Lahore Literary Festival 2023 Prizes Winner Name List

The 10th Lahore Literary Festival is starting today at the Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore which will continue from 24th-26th February 2023. National and international delegates will participate in the festival. May the city of Lahore continue to flourish, as soon as the month of February arrives in Lahore, where the spring season is at its peak, the literary fairs, decorated with the colors of literature and culture, increase these splendors.Lahore Arts Council Al-Hamra took exemplary steps to make the festival a success, these literary scenes in Al-Hamra will be remembered by the viewers for a long time.

Lahore Literary Festival 2023

The Lahore Literary Festival is starting from today. Every year, this festival not only gathers the bright-minded writers of the 21st century in one place, but also those who enjoy their dialogues and insightful conversations. The three-day festival will be attended by well-known national and international thinkers whose works and voices resonate across borders. This edition of the festival will also feature performances, screenings, book launches, art exhibitions.

Prizes for the writers of Lahore Literary Festival 2023 will also be announced LLF 2023 Prizes Winner Name List. A session on the Sufis of Sindh will also be a part of the Lahore Literary Festival, a humorous Punjabi mushaira will also be presented in the festival.