Wednesday , February 1 2023

KPK Rescue 1122 Recruitment Schedule of Peshawar, Mardan & Nowshera

KPK Rescue 1122 List of Candidates for Physical Test 2021

Directorate of Emergency Rescue Service (Rescue 1122) Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has declared the Schedule of Physical Test for the Recruitment for District Level Jobs Like Peshawar, Mardan & Nowshera.

KPK 1122 List of Candidates for Physical Test 2021:

The List of Selected Candidates are given on the official website of KPK Rescue 1122

List of Candidates.

District Emergency Officer

Emergency Officer

Office Superintendent

Station House Incharge

Control Room Incharge

Account Assistant

Office Assistant

Transport Maintenance Incharge

Shift Incharge

Wireless Technician

Lead Fire Rescuers 

Computer Tele/Wireless  Operator

Diving Supervisor

Emergency Medical Technician

DERT Rescuers

Fire Rescuers

Electrical Technician

Senior Store keeper

Auto Technician

Security Incharge

Junior Clerk

Operator for Heavy Machinery

Helper  Heavy Machinery

Store Keeper

Drivers LTV

Drivers HTV

Office Attendants

Security Guard



KPK Rescue 1122 Schedule of Peshawar, Mardan & Nowshera

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