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Green Line Metro Bus Karachi Route Map and Stations

Green Line Metro Bus Karachi Route Map and Stations

Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the first modern transport system in Karachi on December 10,2021. This modern transport project for Karachi was to be completed in 2017 while this year 40 more buses had reached Karachi for the Green Line project, after which the number has increased to 80.

Green line bus Karachi route

The 18 meter long buses have 40 seats. 150 people will be able to travel standing and on the seats at the same time, in case of heavy rush there will be capacity of 190 passengers. The buses have a special area for the disabled and an automatic ramp is installed. Each bus has space for two wheelchairs

Green Line Metro Bus Karachi Stations

The new state-of-the-art hybrid buses will be operational on the 21 km track, the buses will stop at all the 21 stations, the bus service from 7 am to 10 pm will be available to passengers every five minutes.
According to the company providing buses for the Karachi Green Line project, Karachi buses are the most modern compared to those operating in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. These buses are Euro 3 standard and hybrid, with diesel in them. Automatic charging batteries will also be used which will save fuel as well as benefit the environment. The buses are equipped with a special system which will automatically put out the fire in case of engine fire.

Green Line Metro Bus Karachi Route Map

The 21 km (13.0 mi) busway is the first phase of the Karachi Metrobus network and will have 22 stations (A station after every km). The greenline will have a fleet of 80 buses operated by Daewoo. Green Line buses will be charged a minimum of Rs 15 and a maximum of Rs 55. Tickets can also be purchased at debit cards and mobile vaults at bus stations.

The Karachi Green Line bus will initially run with limited operation from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Out of 80 buses of Green Line, 25 will run and from January 10, 2022, Green Line bus will run completely. The project will operate 22 bus stations and 80 buses for passengers while each bus will have a capacity of 200 to 250 people and the fare will be between Rs. 20 to Rs. All the details of bus movement at the stations will be available on the digital screen. The bus has a complete system from USB ports to wheelchairs while in the second phase of the same project buses will run to the tower.

Green Line Metro Bus Karachi Route Map and Stations

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Karachi Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System. Test run of Green Line buses will continue for 15 days. The fare of Green Line bus will be from Rs. A bus can carry 44 passengers. A bus can carry 180 passengers in rush hour. Passengers will also be able to use Wi-Fi and a mobile charging port. The bus has 18 seats for advertising. The Green Line bus service will be launched on December 25.

The Green Line will extend from Dilpas and Bakery on M.A Jinnah Road to Power House Roundabout in Surjani Town. The route will take the green line from:

  • M.A Jinnah Road
  • Business Recorder Road
  • Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Road
  • Shahrah-e-Sher Shah Suri
  • Shahrah-e-Usman
  • Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi Road

40 Buses from China for the project have reached at the Karachi Port. Speaking at the ceremony held to celebrate the arrival of buses in Karachi. These buses are more modern than other buses running in other cities. They also use self-charging batteries with diesel which will also benefit the environment. The buses brought for the Green Line project will have 40 seats in which about 150 people will be able to travel while they will be able to carry 190 passengers during rush hour.