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Joint pain causes Symptoms and Treatment

Joints are the part of the body where the bones meet. Thanks to the joints, a person is able to move and move his body. Injuries to the joints are caused by an injury or injury. In addition, there is a ligament between the joints, also called bone marrow, when they fall, and they feel pain in the bones. Older ligaments fall off.

Joint pain causes Symptoms and Treatment

Joint pain causes Symptoms and Treatment

There are many causes of Joint pains in which osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains or any injury, etc.

Today’s era joint pain is common, according to a national survey in America for 30 days almost one-third of Americans complain about joint pain. Joint pain is a big reason for disability in Americans which fice core people effected.

Generally, problems of joints presented with the complaint of knee joint pains.after that shoulder and Hip joints number comes. According to the experts, joint pain starts from ankle to foot and shoulder to hand, you can feel it at any point. Joint pains are common with Growing age۔ُ۔different people to feel the pain of joints with saver or light on different occasions. Some people fished their pains in a few days or weeks but some people feel it a long time. Joint Pains affect your lifestyle. No matter what Causes of Joint Pains, you can treat it medicine, physiotherapy, balanced diets, and domestic precautions.


If you feel swelling in Joints then your doctor will recommend Non-Serioriod, inflammatory drugs (NSAID). You feel comfortable with these medicines. Do not use these medicines those Patients with stomach and intestine ulcers and contract with their doctors. without Swelling doctors advised acetaminophen. You do not use most times pain Killer medicines for Joint pains because it will be destroyed live and kidneys۔ if you feel severe pain and do not relife these medicines then doctor advised strong Pain killer medicines. Doctors give medicines according to the condition of Joint pains, sometimes given Muscle Relaxant and antidepressant medicines.


Physiotherapy is best for the patients of Joint pains because of expert doctors Physiotherapist treat it well. Physiotherapy makes strong Muscles around the affected joints , stable joints and movement of Joints.

Household caution

you can control joint pain at home with few simple and easy techniques. You can use Warm clothes Brace around the joint. Do not make movement and take rest at home. Use ice Pad on affected joints for fifteen minutes several times a day. Stretch the affected joint with elastic fabric