Saturday , September 21 2019

Jamaat Islami Ijtema Aam at the Minar e Pakistan

Jamaat Islami Pakistan Ijtema Ijtema Aam of Jamaat Islami at the Minar e Pakistan 

Jamaat Islami Pakistan Ijtema Aam will start from Friday 21st November to Sunday 23rd November 2014.

People would gather at this Ijtema at the Minar e Pakistan  for constructing the country into a really Islamic, welfare and democratic state.

JAMAAT-e-ISLAMI PAKISTAN Ijtema Aam 21, 22, 23 November MINAR-e-PAKISTAN LAHORE .Schedule



Ijtama e Aam 2nd Day details:

2nd day of ijtema

3rd day of ijtema details:

ijtama.e.aam 3rd day