Thursday , November 21 2019

Its April Fools Day today

Its April Fools Day

Its April Fools Day today

Be careful, “Its April Fools Day” today

KARACHI: People should be careful today as April Fools Day being celebrated globally including Pakistan today.

Its first day of April and people make others fool by different type of lies and misguidance to celebrate this day world over.

People make fake calls and give wrong news of mishaps or good news of something to please others or make them sad with fake claims.

Some people believe others immediately while others doubt but still turn worry or happy according to the news matter, if they are not aware of this day.

This April Fools Day was started in France during 16th century with a calendar mistake of the then king of the country.

People in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand continue making people fool till noon and if someone tries after that, then he himself is called fool there.

At the other side, Iranian people celebrate same type of day on April 3, 13th day in Iranian calendar, according to their own tradition and have fun with each other with jokes and other naughty acts.