Wednesday , February 1 2023

Itekaf ki fazilat

Itekaf ki fazilat 

we collected a short information of itekaf to enhance our viewers knowledge so that they share it with their friends and family to become a good Muslim .


Itekaf is an islamic practice consists of a period of staying in a mosque for some days for ibadah. During these days the person having itekaf stay ahead from worldly affairs. The leteral meaning of itekaf is sticking and adhering to, or being regular in something like offering nafals and reciting holy Quran.fazelat e itekaf


The sunnah for performing itekaf is for ten days. These ten days may be first ten days or last ten days of ramazan but must be consecutive. Itekaf may also be observed for only three full days. The shortest itekaf may also be observed between the asar and maghrib prayer daily. fazelat e itekaf


A person who wishes to offer itekaf must be clean Muslim  not causing strife within the family  in taking part, and unambiguously in the main masjid of his city or town. The person must make the appropriate intention, either on the person’s own behalf or on behalf of someone else unable to do so,to commit to staying in the masjid for entire period.


Itekaf bring a spiritual blossom by locking one from all ties of mundane life and through complete submission to the lords of world.

itikaf ki ibadat