India vs Pakistan Asia Cup hockey Match 15th October 2017

india vs pakistan hockey match today
India vs Pakistan Asia Cup hockey Match 15th October 2017

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup Hockey Match will be played at 04:30 PM on Sunday 15th October 2017.The biggest competition of the Asia Cup hockey tournament will be on Sunday when the Pakistani team will be the contestant of the traditional rival India.

Pakistan and India will have a ton of heroes in Hero Asia Cup Hockey Super Kings for the rule of Asian hockey.

India vs Pakistan hockey match:

Pakistan’s leading team will play a major match against India in Dhaka Hero Asia Hockey Cup today. India Vs Pakistan match will be play around 4:30 pm. The Indian team has already set up Super Four-round with two consecutive victories, due to being scored with Japan due to Japan’s victory, India needs victory against India, defeated by Japan’s Bangladesh But also the chances of access to the Greenfalls SuperFree will be bright. On the table of tickets, Pakistan enjoys 7 goals on Japan, while the Japanese team is in the 4Gs loss.
The Pakistan team was the winner in the first three events (1982, 1985 and 1989) of the Asian Hockey Championship, while India has named the two-time title, Pakistan and India have reached 6 six times in the Asia Cup, with five victories The green shirts are heavy, with the Indian team won the same match.

Pak vs India Asian Cup Hockey Match October 2017