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Imran Khan PTI Jalsa in islamabad

Imran Khan Jalsa in islamabad

PTI Thanksgiving Parade Ground in Islamabad.thousand police and FC personnel have been deployed for the security meeting.

 PTI Jalsa Parade Ground Islamabad 2nd November 2016:

Parade venue for the meeting is set for Thanksgiving PTI Imran Khan on the stage where the ground when addressing the party leaders will address the meeting later Khan.

A warm welcome to the Hero of KP, Pervaz Khattak by Imran Khan & all leadership of PTI on the stage for his heroic acts on Motorway few days back.
Islamabad Expressway parade on the occasion of Thanksgiving justice in the ground where the chairman Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Jahangir on other party leaders on stage, including the latest, CM KPK Pervez Khattak, and Chaudhry server that Awami League Sheikh Rashid also on stage. The number of the venue when Khan was received by the workers against their abuse.
Movement has been installed that workers sound for blood this area systems when applied 3 thousand chairs for participants in the Justice party, is built container containing stage 20 feet high and 30 feet wide leadership and different singers on this occasion, we are demonstrating our farmns.

 PTI Jalsa Parade Ground Islamabad

Way for entry to the enclosure is designed for women in politics has kept the venue, some male workers, officials of a movement which tried to enter the enclosure women TF to stop them Try and come to see disruption in the meantime.
Some workers climbed on stage when the judgment has spread, causing disorder in which workers were pushing Peel Stage justice Tiger Force was down from the stage to the workers.
This Nation will not back until you and your family is held Accountable for the decades long Looting that has taken place of our Wealth .. The Nation is celebrating the historical win after Imran Khan forced you to present before the Judiciary and answer the questions that each and every Pakistani is asking .. Don`t consider this as the end of the movement, this is just another Beginning of a historical Accountability Movement.