Humera Arshad Ahmad & her husband reconciled again

Humera Arshad Ahmad Bhat and her husband reconciled
Humera Arshad Ahmad and her husband reconciled again

Pakistani singer Humera Arshad Ahmed Butt with my husband again has peace. Humera Arshad said that two days would take in case of divorce. He bit also tried to persuade me and our friends also played an important role in peace. I am grateful to them. He promised that the next bit, we will live well and domestic relations will not worsen. Humera Arshad Ahmad Butt said the husband in case I had to save my son’s future. Spouses are mistaken. It was the first of the two bickering and then there was peace. Humaira Arshad said that I and my family are very happy.

Humera Arshad is Pakistani pop singer. She sings folk, pop, cultural Songs & ghazal in Pakistan and other countries.She has been classically trained. Her albums are Chori Kach Di and Gal Sun Dholna very Popular in Public. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan trained him for Singing.

She began her career as Pakistani actress in PTV Home’s tv series Ainak Wala Jin where she played the role of Toofani Nagan.

Albums of Songs

Chori Kach Di “Ankheen Meri” “Chori Kach Di” “Dil Se” “Give Me Chance” “Hasda Hasanda” “Jag Soo Gaya” “Listen To Me” “O Piya” “Saanwre” “Sada Hoon Apne Pyar Ki” “Sham Ki Ankh” “Uuf Allah” Gal Sun Dholna “Aa ke Sapnoon Mein” “Aai Re Raat Mehndi Ki” “Aaja Paich Laraiye” “Aashiqui Aashiqui” “Akhan Tikhiyan” “Ankhiyan De Vich” “Dilbar Dil Ke” “Gul Sun Dholna” “Habibi Hayya Hayya” “Main Nai Boldi” “Mur Aawo Re Sayyan” “Na Koe Jan Na Pehchan”

Single songs

“Aaja Paich Laraiye” “Aashiqui Aashiqui” “Akhan Tikhiyan” “Dilbar Dil Ke” “Gal Sun Dholna” “Main Nai Boldi” “Mur Aawo Re Sayyan”