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Humaira Arshad Filed For Divorce

Humaira Arshad filed for divorce from Ahmed ButtHumera Arshad Ahmad Bhat singer and actor showbiz duo parted ways have been. Singer Humera Arshad has submitted an application to the court for divorce. Earlier, the two artists against each other at Lahore Press Club press conferences has also.

Renowned Pakstani singer Humaira Arshad has taken a judgment to separate up from her husband. She has filed associate degree application in court of domestic relations in urban center through her professional person, once the role player set to half ways that together with her husband.

In her application she has taken the stance that her husband habitually tortures her and quarrels turn up on each very little matter. She has additionally claimed that her husband doesn’t give ear to his responsibilities.

Humera Arshad Ahmad Bhat said the wrong that he has earned me 12 years. The breach of contract and alleged before the media on me and made me a spectacle. He was very sad and I decided I could not live with him anymore.


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The drop-scene of the 11-years-long love wedding appears shut enough, as Humaira these days filed for divorce from model-cum-actor Ahmed Butt.

The reason behind serious variations between the past lovebirds clad to be property.