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How To Help Heart Attack patient and First aid Treatment to Stop immediately at Home

How To Help Heart Attack patient and First aid Treatment to Stop immediately at Home

First aid treatment for a heart attack is very necessary for the help of patients at home.we have to know about how to stop a heart attack immediately in our houses. We have to prepare for heart attack emergency treatment at home to save the life of our parents. people do not know heart attack treatment at home in Pakistan. First aid book for a heart attack is available in the Market study heart attack first aid on yourself and prepared yourself for CPR for heart attack.

What is CPR? CPR is an emergency procedure that This is done when the person’s heartbeat stops, in which the patient is laid down and his chest is pressed so that the blood flow in his body is restored and he does not have breathing problems.

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A heart attack is a life-threatening medical emergency, it occurs with loss of blood flow to a part of your heart muscle.


Chest Pain that may spread to your left or right arm, or to your neck, jaw, back or stomach. 

Shortness of breath
Lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting


Electrocardiogram (ECG). This first test done to diagnose a heart attack records the electrical activity of your heart via electrodes attached to your skin. Impulses are recorded as waves displayed on a monitor or printed on paper. Because injured heart muscle doesn’t conduct electrical impulses normally, the ECG may show that a heart attack has occurred or is in progress.

Blood tests. Certain heart proteins slowly leak into your blood after heart damage from a heart attack. Emergency room doctors will take samples of your blood to test for the presence of these enzymes.

First aid Heart attack

The earlier somebody is treated while having a heart attack, the better the probability of success. These days, the majority of heart attacks can be dealt with successfully. Occasionally, a person who is having a heart attack will discontinue breathing. In this casing, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, should be started immediately. This process involves:

Manual chest compressions

A defibrillator

The most common type of defibrillator is an automated external defibrillator (AED). If you have access to an AED, use it.

CPR ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Place the heel of your hand on the breastbone at the center of the person’s chest. Place your other hand on top of your first hand and interlock your fingers. Using your body weight (not just your arms), press straight down by 5-6cm on their chest. Repeat this until the ambulance arrives.Try to do the chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 compressions a minute.

Treatment at Home:

Give Tablet Aspirin 300mg

Call For Help Rescue 1122 Ambulance

Article in Urdu  is given below for the help of people for the First aid Treatment of Heart Attack at home, How it occurs, how to perform CPR, you must know about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Heart Patients feel Pain in Chest and this pain faster in few minutes, Pulse rate week and start Sweeting on the whole face. According to the WHO health Report, most of Death occurs due to Heart Attack in Asia. After Attack, most of the patients become victims of this disease. At home or outside the Same as Attack, Shortness Of Breading, Drowning Case, Electric Shock, Unconscious, an overdose of Medicine death occur in Pakistan. you must know about CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and then you can save the life of others.


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