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Home remedies to Remove Skin Age Spots Naturally

Tips to Remove Skin Age Spots Naturally

Home remedies to Remove Skin Age Spots Naturally

Age spots, also known as sun spots, begin to appear on the skin as it gets older. Exposure to the sun can cause these small, brown spots to show up on the face, neck and hands. Natural ingredients can be used to safely remove age spots.
Things You’ll Need
1 tsp. lime juice
1 tsp. glycerin
1 tsp. rose water
Small bowl
Cotton ball
1-Squeeze 1 tsp. of lime juice into a small bowl.
2-Add 1 tsp. glycerin and 1 tsp. rose water to the bowl.
3-Mix the three ingredients together with a spoon
4-Dip a cotton ball into the mixture
5-Dab the soaked cotton ball onto your age spots.
6-Allow the liquid to sit on your skin for half an hour, then rinse it off with water. The lime juice will safely bleach your skin, so the spots no longer show up. Repeat this method twice a day until your age spots fade

Tips to Remove Skin Age Spots Naturally

Lime Juice and Onion Juice

Squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon and apply it directly or with some cotton on the age-spot-affected area. The acid content of the juice might be a safe agent for removal of the topmost skin layer or it might make the pigmentation of the spots lighter. Do this twice a day for about two months for the age spots to disappear. You can benefit from similar effects for similar reasons by rubbing fresh sliced red onion pieces on your blemishes. The age spots will, in all likelihood, fade away gradually with regular use for a month or more.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera

Take a whole onion and grind it. Strain the juice with cheese cloth and mix it with an equal quantity of apple cider vinegar. Apply this directly or with cotton wool dabbed in the mixture twice a day for over a month or more, for a natural cure of age spots. Application of a mixture of one part of apple cider vinegar and four or six parts of orange juice directly on the age spots will offer reduction of pigmentation within four weeks. You could also take water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar and honey as a natural treatment for age spots. Have this daily for a month for healthy glowing skin free of age spots. The gel-like oozing of the aloe vera plant can be directly applied on the age spot for fading of the blemishes. Regular application of this is a sure treatment of the problem.

Castor Oil and Olive Oil

Sometimes, the surface of the age spots might be rough and uneven. In such cases you could apply castor oil directly or by dabbing a cotton wool directly on the age spot. Done twice a day for a couple of months, particularly, if kept overnight with a bandage covering it, this is a great home remedy for age spots. You could also mix a teaspoon each of olive oil and white vinegar and apply directly on your age spots. Leave undisturbed for 30 minutes and then rinse. Regular application of this can help reduce age spots.

Other Home Remedies

Cucumber slices or juice, grated raw papaya and mixture of butter milk and tomatoes can all help in reduction of age spots. Application of garlic paste or a mixture of radish, vinegar, lime juice and rosemary oil, and consumption of dandelion stems are also effective home remedies for age spots. In general stay in the shade, use sunscreen every time you step out during the day, and drink lots of water.