Thursday , November 21 2019

Haunting haute-couture finishes off London Fashion Week

Haunting haute-couture finishes

Haunting haute-couture finishes off London Fashion Week

LONDON: Spectral outfits and chilling winter prints capped off London Fashion Week, as the fashion season baton moves from the British capital to Milan.

London, one of the four major international fashion hubs alongside New York, Milan and Paris, attracts more than 100 million pounds in orders each season, according to estimates from the British Fashion Council (BFC).

Britain is also increasingly drawing high-profile names to its fashion industry, which has a direct value of 21 billion pounds to the Britain’s $2.5 trillion economy, BFC figures show.

American designer Tom Ford made his catwalk debut in London this week, while pop-star Rihanna chose to launch a clothing line with British retailer River Island.

Ghostly girls in white Edwardian lace and black veils circled the vast space of the Tate Modern museum’s tanks for Anglo-French design duo Meadham Kirchhoff on the final day of fashion week.

The predominantly monochrome collection, which included outfits of black velvet with white collars and long silk skirts, was inspired by lyrics from the Beatles song “Helter Skelter”.

A spokeswoman for Meadham Kirchhoff declined to comment on whether using the song for a show at the Tate was a deliberate reference to Charles Manson, whose interpretation of it as a prophecy of racial war led him to go on a murder spree 1969 that included the killing of actress Sharon Tate.

The pair told Elle UK it was an obsession with perfection that inspired the designs.

“I was thinking about perfection, being the perfect homemaker,” Meadham told the publication in an online posting.

“People want to trivialise women’s interests…I bake all the time; keep my home clean. I’m obsessed with perfection; that’s what got me going in the first place,” he said.

Belgrade-born Roksanda Ilincic echoed the mood at her show, where models in pale pink and black drifted down the catwalk.

“It was really about creating that special modern feel of a haunted beauty – mix of opposites,” Ilincic said.