Sunday , February 5 2023

Hajj pilgrims martyred /Injured during Stoning Jamarat in Mina

details of the pilgrims Pakistani
Hajj pilgrims 717 martyred and 863 Injured during stampede Stoning Jamarat 

Stoning Jamarat in Mina stampede triggered by the number of people martyred was 717 people, while more than 864 have been injured.

The stampede took place during the thirteenth obligation of Hajj, Rami of Jamarat (stoning the devil) near Maktab (camp) number 93 along street number 204, where pilgrims mainly from Algeria were staying.

Mina is located 5-kilometers east of the Holy city and stands on the road leading from the center of Makkah city to the hill of Arafat.

Speaking from Mecca Express News Pakistan Ulema Council chairman Maulana Tahir Ashrafi said that millions of pilgrims from around the world were throwing stones at riot alaqbh Thursday triggered the stampede that killed several pilgrims and wounded hundreds.

The stampede began at around 9:00 am (0600 GMT), shortly after the Saudi civil defence service said on Twitter it was dealing with a “crowding” incident in Mina, about five kilometres (three miles) from Makkah.

where incident took place in Saudi Aribia:

Saudi Civil Defense during the stoning Jamarat stampede triggered by the number of people killed while 453 719 have been wounded. Street No. 204 accident occurred near the school No. 93 where there were mostly Algerian and Egyptian citizens. Saudi civil defense officials injured in the accident near the money has been transferred to a hospital that has been implemented in hospitals and medical emergency.

Saudi government and volunteer efforts are also underway so that the losses are minimal. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia to review the rescue operation arrived at the Prime Minister of Pakistan has expressed condolences on the tragic event.

The injured are being shifted to the Mina General Hospital where emergency has been declared. Over 4,000 paramedics are taking part in rescue operations.

Details of pilgrimage Pakistanis who injured:

Foreign Office spokesman said the embassy in Saudi Arabia have been instructed that information be gathered on pilgrimage Pakistanis. Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Chief Joseph Pakistani diplomat in Saudi Arabia by telephone by contacting UL approved lamented. The minister asked the ambassador to Saudi Arabia, all the servants and volunteers take part in rescue operations. Pakistani Hajj pilgrims details of the mission team has arrived to collect money.

How to Know about the Details of the pilgrims Pakistanis:

To know the details of the pilgrims Pakistani embassy numbers 00966125277537 and 00966125458000 issued September 2 but ones which may be used to determine the details. The mini-crash of 2 Pakistanis killed Khalil and Haji Arif has been confirmed.

Foreign Office has set up a help line to provide details of Pakistani Hajjis: 00966125277537

A few days ago, torrential rains and high winds Mosque crane collapse that killed more than 100 pilgrims were injured. Money in 2006 triggered the stampede during the stoning stoning in 2004 when 346 251 pilgrims were martyred.

A Pakistani is among those martyred in the Mina stampede. He has been identified as Arif a resident of Lahore. His wife who was accompanying him during the Hajj pilgrimage called family and confirmed Arif’s passing.