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Hajj Flight Complete Schedule 2022 For Saudi Arabia

The first flight from Islamabad under Road to Mecca will depart for Saudi Arabia tomorrow (June 6) at 3:30 am, according to a CAA spokesperson. The Prime Minister is also expected to arrive on this occasion while the first Hajj flight (Air Blue) from Multan will leave for Madinah tomorrow at 06:30 am.

The first Hajj flight (Air Blue) from Lahore will depart for Madinah today at 06:55 pm while the Ministry of Religious Affairs will inform later about the need to operate Hajj flights from Faisalabad Airport.

Hajj Flight Schedule 2022

The spokesperson of Ministry of Religious Affairs Imran Siddiqui said this year Hajj flight operation is also being started from Quetta on the seventh of next month. Earlier, the pilgrims from Balochistan were shifted to Karachi and Multan for their onward travel to the holy land.

According to the schedule, the first Hajj flight of private airline will be released on July 5, more than PK 1760 to 180 will be released on July 5, when the PIA’s first Hajj flight PK 743 also departed 7 o’clock in Syria. Through which more than 225 pilgrims will go to Medina.

Civil Aviation says more than 95 flying flights from Karachi will be transported to Jeddah and Madina, and at this point, all the facilities will be provided to the pilgrims at Karachi Airport

Flight Schedule (Hajj 2022)
حج-2022 پروازوں کا شیڈول

Check Online Your Flight Schedule for Hajj 2022 with CNIC No.’ OR ‘Hajj Application No on the official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs The government has given two days deadline for Hajj pilgrims to submit their dues.

Please enter your ‘CNIC No.’ OR ‘Hajj Application No.’ to view your flight schedule.
عازمینِ حج اپنی پروازوں کا شیڈول معلوم کرنے کیلئے اپنا شناختی کارڈ نمبر یا حج درخواست نمبر درج کریں

Check Online Your Hajj Flight Schedule with NIC #

Hajj pilgrims who do not submit their dues before the expiry of this deadline, their applications will be considered canceled. According to the report, it has been made mandatory to submit passport and Corona vaccination certificate along with Hajj package payment.

The amount of Hajj package including the amount of sacrifice will be Rs. 888637 while this package other than sacrifice will be Rs. 843267. Accommodation in Makkah is Rs. 112224, Transport Rs. 14696, 38 days food charges Rs. 56112, Accommodation in Madinah Rs. 38477, Entertainment on arrival Rs. 481, Miscellaneous charges Rs. The airfare will be Rs 181,000, mandatory Hajj expenses Rs 302310, transport charges Rs 70006, additional charges Rs 35270, train charges (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah and return) will not be charged this year. Madina (Rs. 3100), express service at the airport Rs. 1336, Zamzam charges Rs. 3206, insurance charges Rs. 6787 and visa fee Rs. 16032.

hajj 2022 application Pakistan

Pilgrims from Northern Zone (Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Rahim Yar Khan) are required to deposit Rs. The cost of Hajj without the cost of the sacrificial animal is Rs. 755,017.

Similarly, the pilgrims of South Zone (Karachi, Quetta, Sukkur) will deposit Rs. 791,337 with sacrifice and Rs. 745,967 without sacrifice. People from the northern zone will deposit Rs 4,000 for a newborn baby and people from the southern zone will deposit Rs 3,100 for a newborn baby.

Pre-Hajj flights will operate from June 6 to July 3, while post-Hajj flights will start from July 14 and will continue till August 13. PIA’s total Hajj operation will consist of 331 flights, PIA will deliver pilgrims from 5 major cities Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Quetta.