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Hajj Application Lucky Draw Result 15th May 2023

This year, one million locals and foreigners will be able to perform Hajj. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has released details about Hajj. According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, one million locals and foreigners will be able to perform Hajj this year. The age limit for those performing Hajj has been fixed at 65 years. For those who arrive in Saudi Arabia to receive the blessings of Hajj, the PCR report must be negative 72 hours in advance.

Hajj Application Lucky Draw Result 15th May 2023

Pakistan has an 81,132 Hajj quota. 40% public and 60% private Hajj quota will be kept.

Hajj Application Draw Result 2022

Hajj Application Draw Result 2023

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony will announce the draw Result today for a selection of pilgrims for the Hajj 2022 under the government scheme.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj applications is received record compared to previous years. The last day to submit Hajj applications to the ministry through designated banks across the country.

According to official sources, so far the ministry has received 335,353 applications under the government scheme. Last year a total of 280,617 applications were received.  As many as 179,210 Pakistanis are expected to perform the annual pilgrimage this year.


Hajj Application draw 2023:

سرکاری حج اسکیم کا کوٹا ایک لاکھ 7 ہزار ہے جبکہ 3 لاکھ 38ہزار حج درخواستیں موصول ہوئی ہیں جس میں سب سے زیادہ صوبہ پنجاب سے ایک لاکھ 55 ہزار حج درخواستیں موصول ہوئی ہیں تاہم حج قرعہ اندازی آج اسلام آباد میں ہوگی۔

دوسری جانب وزارت مذہبی امور کو 26 اپریل تک بینکوں کے ذریعے موصول ہونے والی حج درخواستوں کی تعداد گزشتہ برسوں کے مقابلے میں کہیں زیادہ ہے اس سال وزارت مذہبی امور کو ملک بھر سے 3 لاکھ 38 ہزار سے زائد حج درخواستیں موصول ہوئی ہیں

The Hajj quota for Pakistan was reduced to 143,368 in 2013, which has now been restored to 179,210 persons.

As per the policy, out of the total pilgrims, 60 percent would be facilitated through government scheme while 40 percent would be performing this religious duty through private Hajj operators.

Hajj Application Qurandazi 2023:

The successful applicants would be informed through letters and text messages, whereas the results of successful candidates would also be available at and

Successful List of candidates Hajj draw 2023

Once the balloting is done, an SMS will be sent to the applicants to share the result.

The Ballot result shall also be made available online today by the day end.

قرعہ اندازی کے بعد درخواست دہندگان کو نتائج بذریعہ میسیج موصول ہو ں گے

قرعہ اندازی کے نتائج آج رات تک آن لائن بھی دستیاب کر دیے جائیں گے

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Hajj Application Qurandazi 2023

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