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Habib Metropolitan Bank Saving Plus Account

Habib Metropolitan Bank Saving Plus Account

HABIBMETRO BANK LIMITED has started Saving Plus Account in Pakistan. With this account Earn monthly profits and access your growing savings at all times.
Individuals Only

Amount Requirements:

Average Deposit Upto Rs. 250, 000/- & below
Average Deposit Over Rs. 250, 000/-
Minimum saving rate will be applied if the amount falls below Average Deposit of Rs. 250,000/-

Profit Payment:

Monthly Profit Payment on Average Balance
Exclusive Free Life Insurance Cover

Min Qualifying Balance: Rs 15,000/-
Maximum claim: Rs 1,000,000/-
Basis: Average credit balance of previous 6-months
Zakat, Withholding Tax & Other Levies

Zakat / Taxes will be applicable as per law/rules from time to time.
Free Services

Cheque Book(s)
Free Payment Orders
Free Funds Transfer within HABIBMETRO
Free Web banking services
Free Half-yearly Statements
Rent Free lockers
As per SOC

Habib Metropolitan Bank Saving Plus Account

How to apply

Visit your nearest HABIBMETRO branch or call at our 24/7 Call Centre at 0800-Habib (42242) / (+9221) 111 142 242 where our dedicated phone banking officers will guide you

HABIBMETRO Web Banking – Terms & Conditions / Security Tips

Keep your HABIBMETRO web banking password strictly private.
Never give your password to others including bank employees.
At the login page ensure that the address bar of browser shows the address Please note the “s” after the http.
In case the letter “s” is missing after http in the web address bar please do not enter any information and immediately report at 0800-42242 / (+9221) 111 142 242.
Please ensure not to leave your HABIBMETRO web banking session unattended once you have signed in.
Kindly logout from your HABIBMETRO web banking when done.
Change your password at regular intervals.
Avoid accessing your account from public places.
1) Online Debit Card Temporary Block Disclaimer
I hereby authoise Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited to change my ATM/VISA Card status from Active to temporary “Blocked” online, at my request. I further agree and confirm that the said cards can be activated by Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited only on my written request.

2) Online Cheque Stop Payment Disclaimer
I hereby authorise Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited to stop payment of cheque(s) at my request made online. The Bank is further authorised to deduct the charges of stop payment as applicable to its table of charges.
I also undertake not to claim the Bank for any loss etc. if my request for stop payment is not acceded to by the Bank due to any reason and payment of my cheque(s) is stopped in advertantly.
I further undertake that i will not make any request for stop payment of cheque(s) drawn in favour of Government, agencies, court of law or any competent Authority.