Sunday , February 5 2023

Google launched a new mobile operating system

Google launched a new mobile operating system

Google has announced its latest mobile operating system Android Nougat release in which there are several features that were not present in the mobile operating system before.

new version of Android Android Nougat

Android Nougat for mobile phones and tablets:

Android Nougat is designed for mobile phones and tablets. This target will not benefit from the most current smartphones and tablets that are so innovative but high expectations from Google in the future. Hopefully that will be the small and big phone companies will gradually be attracted by its mobile operating system and overwhelmed in  few years.

Google says that although Android Nougat current operating systems, but not much different than the terms of the features it really very unusual.

Android Nougat features:

The view from some interesting features:
Multiple apps on the screen
is called the desktop operating multiple applications, multitasking implementation of open windows, one at a time on the screen in the system language that is not yet available in any mobile operating system. But nugat ‘split-screen’ feature, one will be able to see more apps, but can also minimize the application window according to his convenience not only the smartphone screen, which is part of the operating system. This feature is currently not supported in most apps, but hopefully it will be available in future versions.

Quick response
will be able to go by typing in the new feature lets users nugat any email or SMS notification shade the answer, ayndruyyd without opening an app. This feature has been introduced especially to save time.
users different animal shapes in which interest has introduced a new set of 72 for aymujyz in nugat are particularly noteworthy. Google says it will continue its dialogue with the Unicode Consortium to add more aymujyz whose completion will take some time.

Silent notification or go nugat the notification shade, you can mute the apps disturbed by frequent notification. Through this feature, you can not only an app can mute notification fkysnz but disappeared from sight.
Shortcuts are nugat shortcuts in the notification area that you can get quick access can customize according to your convenience and use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and flashlights etc.

Battery for longer run
was introduced features that ayndruyyd Marsh called ‘dose’ in order to save battery Mello, has been further improved in nugat. If the screen of your smartphone or tablet and they could not charge dose in order to save battery brings Kim Possible activity at all background apps. In this case only and may be the only phone calls and messages and can receive alarms work. In nugat This feature is automatically puts them in mobile phone pocket or purse.
Everything clear
All apps running on mobile has added new ‘clear all’ feature with it all, the square button to close together. The battery saving some have not changed much, but Google says it will be very easy to start anew some apps.
Information life-saving

information to your health and fitness are very important, such as blood type, allergies, medications, emergency contact number, your name, age, etc.. Which is a new built-in feature nugat for storing separately all those involved in this option is that your special contact person in case of accident can also arrange for immediate assistance by the known location of your phone are. All information could save your life ” emergency ” This information can be found quickly through the Lock button on the screen when the phone is stored in this way. In addition, the phone can be unlocked law enforcement to quickly call.