Friday , September 22 2023

General Election 2023 in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission has prepared the proposed schedule for the upcoming general elections 2024. General elections are likely to be held on January 28, 2024. The staff suggested the dates of January 27 to 30 for polling, however, the final election schedule will be released after the approval of the Election Commission. The final publication of constituencies will now be completed on November 30. Islamabad: The Election Commission has issued a proposed code of conduct for general elections containing 88 points. According to the code of conduct, the candidate can appoint one polling agent at each polling booth and 3 election agents for the constituency.
The Election Commission of Pakistan has allotted election symbols to 23 parties. The Election Commission of Pakistan has extended the application date for vote registration, correctness of data, exclusion and transfer of vote. Citizens can now approach Election Commission till July 20, 2023 for registration, exclusion and validation of vote. Citizens can get information about their vote immediately by SMSing their ID card number to 8300 through mobile phone. Voter registration can be done at either the permanent or temporary address on the identity card. If the assembly is dissolved on the completion of the term on August 12, the election will be held before October 11.

عام انتخابات کے لیے سیاسی جماعتوں کے انتخابی نشانات
انتخابی نشانپارٹیانتخابی نشانپارٹی
بلاپاکستان تحریک انصافشیرپاکستان مسلم لیگ
تلوارپیپلز پارٹیشاہینآل پاکستان مسلم لیگ
کپپیپلز مسلم لیگکتابجے یو آئی (ف)
بالٹیکسان اتحادانگوٹھیرابطہ جمعیت اسلام
چاندہزارہ ڈیموکریٹک پارٹیہاکیپاکستان عوامی لیگ
میزائلپاکستان امن تحریکچاقوپاکستان تحریک انسانیت
جگاللہ اکبر تحریکتھرموسپاکستان فلاحی تحریک
وکٹریپاکستان پیپلز پارٹی بھٹو شہیدپستولتحریک تحفظ پاکستان

Citizens can download forms from Election Commission’s website to transfer, withdraw or change their vote registration. Citizens can fill this form and submit it to the office of the concerned District Election Commissioner. Citizens are also advised to use Form No. 21 for vote registration and transfer. Form No. 22 can be used for objection and withdrawal of vote while Form No. 23 is given for correctness of data.
Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that our government will end on August 14, 2023.The Election Commission will announce the date of the upcoming elections. The Election Commission of Pakistan has invited applications for allotment of election symbols in the general elections 2023. Political parties to submit applications for allotted election symbol, applications can be submitted till July 19 with the signature of the party chief. The application should be accompanied by a preferred list of election symbols, each application must bear the signature of the party leader and the address of the head office of the political party.

Eligibility of all political parties will be checked on receipt of application, parties applying for February March Punjab, KP elections should reapply. According to the Election Commission, incomplete and faxed applications will not be considered, applications for election symbols before today will also not be considered. Applications received after 19 July 2023 for election symbols will also not be considered, applications must be accompanied by an affidavit under section 206 of the Election Act, 2017.

General Election 2023 in Pakistan

The Election Commission has prepared the draft polling scheme for the upcoming general elections. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has completed the procurement of necessary election materials and paper for ballot paper, which has been ensured safe storage. It is the job of the Election Commission to announce and conduct the election, this job has to be done by the Election Commission according to the constitution.
The constitutional term of the National Assembly will be completed on August 13 this year, and suggestions are being made to dissolve the National Assembly on August 9 or 10 for elections in November. The ruling coalition has begun consultations on the date of the general elections, with government leaders deliberating on a proposal to dissolve the National Assembly a week before the constitutional term.

Leader of Muslim League (N) and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif issued instructions to the workers to prepare for the election. Elections can be announced anytime in the country, all the workers should prepare for the elections and the message of the party should be spread across the country.

General Election 2023 in Pakistan

Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal says that the government will complete its constitutional term, after the completion of the term, they will separate from the government, after the completion of the constitutional term, new elections will be held in 60 to 90 days.

If the term of the National Assembly ends on August 13, the elections should be held in 60 days and in case of premature dissolution, it should be held in 90 days. Consultations are going on in the government circles to hold elections in the first week of November 2023. The final decision will be taken at the summit meeting of the allies for the agreed plan of action.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has fixed July 13 as the last date for vote registration. The last date for vote registration for citizens is July 13. Citizens can get their vote information by messaging the National Identity Card number 8300. The Secretary Election Commission has instructed the citizens to come to the District Election Commission office for vote registration and validation, while the vote registration form is available from the Election Commission. It is also available on the website The forms can be filled and submitted in the office of the concerned District Election Commission. Secretary Election Commission has told the citizens that this is the last chance to register the vote for the strengthening of democracy. .

General Election 2023 in Pakistan

Maryam Nawaz also said while meeting the party leaders that we are sure that the party will emerge as an effective parliamentary force in the next election due to the hard work of the workers. The policies will be followed, they are fully prepared for the upcoming election, they will enter the field with full preparation.

The election will be held on the old constituencies, the watermark paper has been taken for the election, all the institutions are in touch, the judiciary has been approached for the DRO and RO, they are fully prepared for the election, the materials have been prepared, the registrar is high. Courts have been requested for ROs. The commission has completed the following arrangements for holding the general elections:

  • The purchase of necessary election material and paper for ballot paper has been completed, the safe storage of which has been ensured.
  • Similarly, draft list of polling station has also been prepared. which will be handed over to the Returning Officers immediately after notification for their initial publication. And after hearing the objections and suggestions of the voters, ensure its final publication in accordance with the law.
  • Last date for registration, exclusion and validation of voters as per law is 13-07-2023. For which the Election Commission has formally started a public awareness campaign. The Election Commission is in touch with all institutions including NADRA for the printing and delivery of election lists.
  • Notification of District Returning Officers, Returning Officers and Acting Returning Officers will be done in time.
  • A data bank has been established for the deployment of polling staff. So that their appointment and training should be completed keeping in view the election schedule.
  • The Election Commission is currently in complete coordination with all the provincial governments and the central government and other related institutions. In order to ensure timely arrangements for the upcoming general elections.

93 thousand 371 polling stations will be established across the country, 49 thousand 871 polling stations will be established in Punjab, in which 14 thousand 960 polling stations have been declared highly sensitive, 9 thousand 974 polling stations have been declared sensitive, 15 thousand 708 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Polling stations will be set up. 4 thousand 296 polling stations are highly sensitive, 6 thousand 549 polling stations have been declared sensitive, 19 thousand 348 polling stations will be established in Sindh, 4 thousand 823 polling stations have been declared sensitive. 5 thousand 15 polling stations will be established in Balochistan, 2 thousand 83 polling stations have been declared sensitive, 1 thousand 41 polling stations will be established in Islamabad.

Any candidate shall be eligible to contest election for maximum two seats in National and Provincial Assembly simultaneously. Any candidate will be prohibited from contesting in more than two constituencies. The Election Commission spends up to 2 crore 70 lakhs on a constituency. 70 lakhs for printing papers, 30 lakhs for transportation and 1.30 lakhs for election staff payments. The candidate will be obliged to resign from one seat within 30 days in case of being elected to both the seats, after the expiry of the said thirty days, the first seat will be vacant except for the second seat.