Wednesday , November 13 2019

Food Dishes On Eid Ul Azha 2014

Cooking recipesFood Dishes On Eid Ul Azha 2014

Food Dishes on Eid-ul-Adha extremely uncommon as a result of its customary and delightful taste, these formulas are exceptionally basic & most loved of all the individuals in Pakistan and whatever remains of the nations.

Eid ul azah is an exceptional religious day of all Muslims due to qurbani furthermore known as “Bakra Eid 2014”; there are such a variety of formulas that cooked on nowadays. Eid’s First day, the first formula is bakray ki Kaleji & gai kaleji, this formula is made by utilizing extremely basic add-ins and snappy to make in only 20 to 30 minutes at home. During the evening, a large portion of us welcome relatives and companions for appreciating grill (seekh Kabab, hamburger boti) formulas on the top of the house and after that some of attempt these formulas too biryani, korma, chapli kebab in one days from now of Eid

Fry Gola Kabab


Keema : Half Kg

Onion :Four Quantity of Fry Onion.

Ram Papaya: One tteaspoon

Jaratri;1/4 Of teaspoon

Jafal:1/4 Of teaspoon


Grind spice of one teaspoon

Curd:one teaspoon

Mixture of garlic & ginger:one teaspoon

Grind red papper:two teaspoon

Grind Elachi:Half teaspoon Salt:As taste or required

Oil:As Required

Sequence /Method 

Mix up onion and papya in keema and then grind it in a good manner.Now mix up jafal and javatri in keema by grinding them and then mixed in it spice,egg.garlic,ginger,red papper,elachi and salt and then given form a gola shape Kabab and fry them in Oil.

Tava Keema


Mutton:400 Grams mutton Keema

Oil:One bowl.1/4

Ginger:one teaspoon


Onion :Half bowl cut pieces

Kalagi:200 Grams


Salt:one tea tspoon

Red papper;one teaspoon

Haldi:1/4 teaspoon

Kasoori Mathi :one teaspoon

Greed Papper:1/4 Bowl

Coriander:1/4 Bowl


First of all fry Keema ,ginger,onion in fryspan by boilng oil When Keema is half dipe then mix kalagi in it and accompanied with tomato,salt,red papper and haldi in it and then fry them.Mix water with respect to need or requirement .When keema & Kalagi are full diped or cooked then do piecesof Kalagi with spoon and mix them in Keema .At last gram spice is prepared and expel one in dish and splinkle coriander in it.