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FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

For the first time, women will officiate at the 2022 Men’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup will be played in Qatar from November 21 to December 18 this year, in which women referees will be in action for the first time.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar next year. The qualifying round for 32 seats is underway worldwide. So far, 13 countries have secured participation, 10 from Europe and two from South America. There is no question about Qatar’s participation as a host.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

FIFA has, for the first time, selected six women for its refereeing panel for the Men’s Football World Cup in Qatar. France’s Stephanie Frapart, Rwanda’s Salima Makansanga, Japan’s Yoshimi Yamashita have been included in the 36-member men’s soccer World Cup referee squad, while Brazil’s Newsback, Mexico’s Karen Diaz Medina and the United States’ Catherine Nesbat have been added to the 69-member squad. Referees and squads will also be on duty at the event.

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The playoffs for the remaining three seats from Europe will now be played on March 24 and 29 next year, with runners-up from 10 groups and the top two sides of the 2 Nations League, Austria and the Czech Republic. Based on the Nations League performances, 12 teams in the playoffs have been divided into three groups, with 4 teams from each group competing on a knockout basis, winning after the opening matches. The resulting teams will then face each other.

Drawings are arranged on qualifying round points. Scotland will face Ukraine in Group A semi-finals while Wales will face Austria. Russia will face Poland in Group B semi-finals while Sweden will face Czech Republic. Italy will face North Macedonia in Group C. The challenge will be while Portugal will face Turkey. The semi-final matches will be played on Thursday, March 24, 2022 while the finals are scheduled on Tuesday, March 29.

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Since the European qualifying, former chairmen Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands have qualified. Brazil and Argentina from South America have confirmed their participation. The match schedule has been adjusted several times due to this global epidemic, South America (Conmebol) will get 4 live entries while one team can try their luck in the continental playoffs.

So far, Brazil and Argentina have qualified for Qatar, with each country in a group of 10 having to play home and away qualifying matches. The first four rounds were scheduled for March and September 2020, but were postponed due to Corona. It finally started in October 2020, 2 scheduled rounds in March 2021, then two round matches were postponed before the Copa Amrica in June 2021.

In addition, an additional international break is being offered in January 2022 to complete the qualifying matches, with Brazil being named the first team to qualify for the group on 11 November 2021, and Argentina 5 days later.

Four teams from Asia will also qualify directly for the World Cup, while one will qualify for the continental playoffs. Round One was completed in June 2019, with Guam, Mongolia, East Timor, Bangladesh and Cambodia advancing to the next round. In the second phase, 34 Asian countries were joined by 6 teams of the initial phase. The participating teams were divided into 8 groups of 5, 5. This phase was to be completed from May 31 to June 15, 2021. And the top 5 runner-up sides continued to advance.

The 12 teams that reach Round three are divided into two groups of 6, 6, in which the group winner and runner-up will qualify for the World Cup, in Group A Iran, South Korea, UAE, Iraq, Syria And Lebanon, while Group B includes Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China, Oman and Vietnam. The remaining matches of this round will be in January-March next year. The winner will face the South American team in the continental playoffs.