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Federal Budget 2018-19 in Pakistan

Federal Budget 2018-19

The federal government will present the budget for fiscal year 2018-19 for approval from the National Assembly on April 27,2018. The government has taken all political parties into confidence about the budget, which he said would be presented on April 27 before the five-year tenure of the incumbent government ends on May 31, 2018.

Islamabad (Federal) government has decided to increase the salaries of government employees in their last budget. According to the sources, 15 to 20 percent increase in adha k relief is being considered while pension margins are expected to increase by 20 to 25 percent because Prime Minister Shahid Khaksan Abbasi keeps soft pensions for the pensioners .

The government budget will increase the House Rentals of the working employees in 2108/19, which was released in Pay Scale 2008.This year the government will submit budget due to the election on April 27. The Prime Minister In December, House Approval and Civil Ceiling had approved a 50 percent increase but few It has not been implemented for Agazir reasons, but it will be processed so that the government.

Federal Budget 2018-19 Government Employees salary increase

Govt Employees Increase Salary in Budget 2018-19 News is published in Daily Express Newspapers on 21st March 2018. The federal government has started considering suggestions on increasing government consolidation salaries by 15 to 20 percent in the Federal Budget for the next fiscal year 2014-19 and other people including housing allowance, housing rental sailing in offices after the appointment period.

The Finance Ministry sources said that initial work has been done, the final work will be done by the end of the next month and the treasury division will be delivered. Sources said that the Department of Regulation Department of Finance has made three options for enhancement of salary of government employees, retirement owners in the upcoming federal budget, and they are also evaluating the latest suggestions.
Sources said that the increase in employee salaries in the next budget is likely to increase by 20% in the relief of 15 per cent relief relief, whereas employees are proposed to increase colate setting and medical alliances. An analyst is also under consideration that the Adahak Alliance meeting in the past should be integrated into Kutta Pattaya, and the basic pay afterwards is given

salary increase budget 2018-19 pakistan

Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said the revenue collection at the end of the previous government’s tenure was Rs1,946 billion but the PML-N government has set the tax collection target of Rs4,013bn for the next year. The fiscal deficit for 2018-2019 is projected to be 5.2 per cent, the minister said.

Revised Pay Scale 2018 Chart and Increase Salaries in Budget 2018-19
Upcoming latest update about the revision of pay scales in 2018 have been acknowledged and also all the allowances like house rent, transport and medical allowances may be increased of government employees now in the last week of dated Friday, 26 May, 2018 the Federal Budget 2018-19. Download federal budget 2017-18 pakistan pdf from this page.

scale wise salary increase in budget 2018-19

According to the sources of daily Dunya News has published a story of revision of pay scales in 2018. Scale revised was a huge request of the government employees of Pakistan which is different recommendations have been ready to be integrated in this budget of economic year 2018-19. federal budget 2018-19 pakistan

اسلام آباد: وفاقی حکومت نے آئندہ مالی سال2018-19 کے وفاقی بجٹ میں سرکاری ملازمین کی تنخواہوں اورپنشن میں 15 سے 20 فیصد اورملازمین کودفتری اوقات کے بعد دفاتر میں ڈیوٹی دینے پرملنے والے الائونس، ہائوس رینٹ سیلنگ سمیت دیگرالائونسزومراعات میں اضافے کی تجاویز پر غور شروع کردیاہے۔
وزارت خزانہ ذرائع نے بتایاابھی ابتدائی ورکنگ کی گئی ہے، آئندہ ماہ کے وسط تک حتمی ورکنگ پیپرتیار کر کے خزانہ ڈویژن کوبھجوا دیا جائیگا۔ ذرائع نے بتایا وزارت خزانہ کے ریگولیشن ڈیپارٹمنٹ نے آئندہ وفاقی بجٹ میں سرکاری ملازمین کی تنخواہوں، ریٹائرڈملازمین کی پنشن میں اضافے کیلیے3 آپشنزپرمشتمل تجاویزمرتب کرناشروع کر دی ہیں اورہرتجویزکیلیے درکارفنڈزکا تخمینہ بھی لگایاجارہاہے۔
ذرائع نے بتایاآئندہ بجٹ میں ملازمین کی تنخواہوں میں15 فیصدایڈہاک ریلیف والائونس اورپنشن میں20 فیصدتک اضافے کا امکان ہے جبکہ ملازمین کالیٹ سٹنگ اور میڈیکل الائونس بھی بڑھانے کی تجویز زیر غور ہے۔ ایک تجویزیہ بھی زیرغورہے کہ ماضی میں ملنے والے ایڈہاک الائونس کوتنخواہ میں ضم کردیاجائے اوراسکے بعدبننے والی بنیادی تنخواہ پراضافہ دیا جائے۔

Pakistan budget 2017-18 summary:

Sources by the media and news papers the details, the pay scales of government employees will be revised. May be increase in the salaries of government employees is also under concern upon receiving of resources to meet with the income of increase in salaries of government employees in the budget 2018.

Revised the pay scale in 2018 also increase the different allowances of government employees through which may be increases the salary of all government departments people predicable in this budget 2018-19.

total budget of Pakistan 2017-18:

Pension of retired government employees is also considerable to be increased. All the old pensioner is also get the benefits from this budget fiscal year and the National Assembly are also going to prepared the pensioners budget 2018-19. You will check the complete details of punjab budget 2018-19