Thursday , February 9 2023

FBR decided to add one million people to the Tax net

FBR decided to add one million people to the Tax net

Lahore: The Federal Board of Revenue has the Decision to add one million people to the tax net. There is also a proposal to prevent non-filers from traveling abroad. Monthly people from across the country were appointed to add a million people to the tax net and people from across the country were targeted to join the tax net.

The FBR has issued SROs to regulate. Legislation has been enacted to curb money laundering and terror financing. Details of any suspicious transaction must be provided to the Financial Monitoring Cell. Violation of the law.

One million people have also been decided to bring them to the tax net. Travelers who travel abroad, new vehicles, and those who buy expensive mobile phones are also involved in the target. A large number of specialist physicians on health-based grounds earn taxable income on a daily basis by serving at different times in different private hospitals and clinics but refrain from showing real income to the FBR.

According to officials, the FBR has more than 3 million people’s data. Data for expensive mobile buyers are being obtained from PTA. Details of vehicle buyers are received from the Vehicle Registration Wing. 600 restaurants, food centers will be associated with relevant software to get information on a daily basis. Not registered traders from restaurants, food centers also include the target. Authorities said that even under the proposal to prevent the filters from traveling abroad.