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Fast bowler Mohammad Amir Marriage Photos

Fast bowler Mohammad Amir marriage Pictures

Pakistani Fast bowler Mohammad Amir Marriage ceremony will start from 19th September 2015. Mehdi ceremony will organized on 19th September and Barat will be on 20th September 2016.

Amir cricketer with wife wedding picures

Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Amir will be the groom to start a new life in Australia but before the ceremony henna ceremony.Lahore farmhouse national cricketer Mohammad Amir ceremony Hina addition to their relatives in the event of showbiz stars as close friends attended the ceremony also attended. Amir Mohammad Akmal brothers were also present at the ceremony Hina.

Mehdi Ceremony of Amir cricketer
Mohammad Amir has expressed pleasure does ritual green henna ceremony and wore white pants and their relatives at the time of entry on stage and put them bhangra welcomed the groom. The henna applied on a national cricketer and his wife and pay practices.

mohammad amir wedding pic

Aamir Cricketer Marriage (Mehdi ceremony pictures)

Amir Cricketer Marriage Mehndi ceremony pictures are given here.Fast bowler Mohammad Amir wedding ceremony is now continuing with fervor and ritual function after the departure of John, but surprisingly they did not invite 2 players to your wedding.
The Lahore attended the relatives of the players and personalities from showbiz Fast bowler Mohammad Amir ceremony Hanna in a farmhouse but Mohammad Amir did not invite his former friends, the event which in 2010 they were suffering with spot-fixing scandal.


Mohammad amir wedding imagesWife Nargis Pics

Fast bowler Mohammad Aamir are happy to come back to life again. Came after the end of the ban imposed on them, they are in essence show your national team and Mohammad Amir are about to start a real life test.
Start the celebration of the wedding of his family pacer will start after Eid. All events wedding arrangements have been finalized. Mohammad Amir Hanna ceremony will be held on September 19 and September 21 until September 20 the reception ceremony will be held procession in Lahore DHA private marriage hall. Beautiful invitation for which invitations have been printed. In addition to political figures at the event is expected to attract players to the national team.

Fast bowler Mohammad Amir mehdi Pictures:

Mohammad Amir 2 years ago Bangladesh had married British woman Entering into the burning

Pakistan Cricketer Mohammad Amir Barat Pictures.

Mohammad Amir & his wife Narjis Khatun pictured at their Nikah ceremony.

Walima Ceremony of Fast bowler Mohammad Amir:

Fast bowler Mohammad Amir walima cerenomy will be held on 21st September 2016 in DHA Lahore.