Wednesday , February 8 2023

Facebook also offered ‘social support’ in the context of the Corona epidemic

In the wake of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, Facebook has provided a new platform called Community Help. After registering with this option, they will be able to raise their hands in support of the community or ask for volunteer help.

 Facebook also offered 'social support' in the context of the Corona epidemic

With this option, volunteers will also be able to bring home deals, help with nutrition, or collect donations. After accessing this option, any post made to help you within a fifty-mile radius of your home will appear. This option can also be limited to a five-mile radius if you do not want to go too far.

When you click on the ‘Request for help’ or Request Help or ‘Help offer’ or Offers help, many options pop up window that you can add to the post. It features one of the fouteen images displaying the post and many tags appear, which makes it easier for searchers to add.

It can then add contact messenger and WhatsApp information that can be placed in front of specific friends and/or the entire public. According to some reports, Facebook may have added it as a permanent option as the world will continue to fluctuate after the Coronavirus.

In the first phase, the facility is being provided to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Canada. But in the next few weeks, it will be opened to the whole world.