EPS-TOPIK test 2017


According to the MOU on the Sending of Workers between the Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Republic of Korea (MOEL) and Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (MOOPHRD), EPS-TOPIK test will be conducted as follows. All job seekers who want to work in Korea under the Employment Permit System (EPS) should pass the EPS-TOPIK, implemented by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) authorized by the MOEL, and only those who passed the test are allowed to submit the job application form for EPS.

OEC advertisement No.03/2017:

OEC advertisement No.03/2017 is given here.


Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Republic of Korea.


Persons aged between 18 and 39

Persons born between March 14th 1977 and March 13th 1999
Persons who have not been convicted of imprisonment or heavier punishment.
Persons who have no record of deportation or departure orders from the Republic of Korea.
Persons who are not restricted from departure of home country.

 Registration Procedure
Registration Period : Mar 13th(Mon), 2017~Mar 17th(Fri),2017
Place: Overseas Employment Corporation. (OEC)
Method: Individual-Visit-Registration
Required documents
Application form : Free distribution at the registration place, only to the applicants who paid the test fee
Registration numbers are written on each application form, and one applicant can receive and submit one application form. If there is any error in an application form, correct it with correction fluid or tape and submit it.
Test fee:24 USD (same amount in Pak Rupees)
If an applicant who has avoidable reasons cancel his/her registration during registration period, the applicant can get full refund. (However, re-application after cancellation is not allowed).
A colored copy of international passport
Two(02) photographs of 3.5 x 4.5cm (taken within 6 months)
Registration will be made in the order of receipt, and if the applicants overly applied an additional test date will be decided and the test will be conducted accordingly. Its date also will be announced on the announcement date of the designated test venue & date for each applicant.
This Registration admits only one person, one industry type. Double registration is never being allowed to.
Test information : Apr. 17th(Mon), 2017 ~
Test Structure & Allotment of Scores and passing standard
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).
R/C and L/C will be implemented continuously without a break.
Items to prepare on the test day
Admission Ticket
Passport and CNIC (card)
All applicants are required to bring his/her passport and CNIC of which is the same with the one posted on his/her application form.No applicant is allowed to take the test without passport and CNIC
Announcement of Test Result
Announcement Date: the last Monday at every month.

According to MOU on between Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Republic of Korea and the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (MOOPHRD), only OEC has the legal authority to send Pakistani workforce to the Republic of Korea. Only the job seekers who passed the EPS-TOPIK and registered on the roster by OEC can be hired by Korean Employers. If any other private sectors are involved in procedure for sending workforce, there will be the legal punishment for those acts.

On the test day, mobile phones, cassette players, PDA, MP3 player, electronic dictionaries, and other electronic devices which are possibly used in cheating during the test are highly prohibited.
Test will be void, and examinees will NOT be eligible for taking the test for 3 years in case of cheating during the test.
If an applicant’s personal information on the passport is not exactly the same as the one on the application form (name, date of birth, and gender), their registration to the EPS job seekers’ roster and entry to Korea is not permitted in any case, and the applicant is fully responsible for any problem caused by the differences in their personal information.
For improvement of Proficiency in Korean, all of the questions are to be taken from closed question bank based on “The Standard Textbook for EPS-TOPIK”.
Passing the special EPS-TOPIK only guarantees the qualification for job application for EPS, and does not guarantee the employment in Korea.
Moreover, persons who are restricted from the employment in Korea, such as those who do not pass the medical examination or who have the record of illegal stay in Korea, cannot be employed in Korea.

It costs 24 USD(or same amount in Pak Rupees) for an applicant to take EPS-TOPIK and only the certain amount of money noticed officially as a sending cost by OEC during the registration period of a job application form will cost you for entering Korea under the EPS. Besides, except OEC, any other agency or person is not allowed to be related to employment procedures of EPS. For this reason, all applicants should be aware of this fact and protect themselves from any damages or losses caused by anyone or any other agencies’ absurd (deceiving) proposal related to recommendation or employment in Korea under the EPS.