Thursday , September 21 2023

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) list of Pensioners

ISLAMABAD: The caretaker government has issued a notice to increase the EOBI pension, which will be applicable from the month of July 2023. The federal government has decided to introduce a new contributory pension system for pensions and other benefits for government employees while issuing Eurobonds worth One billion. Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) insured registered persons eobi card status check, who have reached the fixed age of pension (For male employees 60 years and for female employees eobi registered employer verification and workers 55 years) and they have not contacted to EOBI for pension due to lack of information eobi pension rules in Urdu. You can check the list of pensioners on the EOBI website

In case of death or retirement of a man, his wife will be entitled to the pension, the woman will be entitled to a pension during her employment or her husband after retirement, in case of death of the widow of the former employer. Their children will be entitled to this pension. The Finance Minister or the Accountant General Punjab will never be allowed to make arbitrary decisions on the state exchequer. From July 2023, the pension amount has been increased from 8500 to 10 thousand rupees after a 17% increase.

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) list of Pensioners

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) list of pensioners

Pensioners whose names in the list eobi login with CNIC, should deposit the pension application at the nearest EOBI Office for eobi card status check online or send the application copy to the Director-General (Operations) in Urdu .all EOBI Pensioners will receive an increase in pension from April 2020 onwards. They will also receive arrears of January and February with the pension of March 2020 application for eobi card. The federal government has decided to abolish the existing system of pension and other benefits for newly recruited government employees and introduce a new contributory pension system while issuing Eurobonds worth one billion for which ten banks have received bids. Eurobonds will be issued by the end of December or in January after review.

Employer/Insured Person 

Pensioners will be paid the arrears of July and August along with September 2023. The increase in pension is a small but significant increase for millions of pensioners across the country.

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) For Insured Employees Who Are Alive

EOIB Registration Card PI-03 (If Available), Employment Certificate or Employment Proof, Copy of CNIC, EOBI will issue Pension Claim Form if the name is included in the list, Deposit the Pension Claim Forms in the concerned local office, After depositing the pension claim forms, EOBI will start action for pension approval.

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) For Insured Persons Who are Died

EOIB Registration Card of the Died Person PI-03 (If Available), Employment Certificate or Employment Proof of the died person, For Spouse Nikah Nama (Widow / Widower), Death Certificate issued by NADRA, Proof of Relation to the Died person (FRC issued by NADRA),If the name is included in the list, EOBI will issue pension claim form.

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How to Receive Pension in Pakistan

Registration with EOBI is a very simple process. A simple PR-01 registration form has to be filled by the employer along with a PR-02A form which contains the list of employees. Both of these forms should be provided to the nearest EOBI office, which will complete the registration process in two or three days and allot a registration number to the organization for eobi card application.

Pension Rates:

Minimum Rs. 6,500/=
Maximum As per Formula

EOBI Act 1976 provides the option of review in case a person’s claim for pension has been rejected. Under section 33 of the EOBI Act 1976, a person can make an appeal to the Adjudicating Authority. This application for review of a decision will be considered by the Adjudicating authority free of charge.


If a man or woman dies during service or retires after employment, his family is entitled to a pension; Government agencies cannot be allowed to withhold or deduct their pensions.

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Online/e-Payment Facility for EOBI Register Employers

EOBI is pleased to announce the on-line/e-payment facility is available for its Registered Employers using EOBI Facilitation System for generating contribution payment vouchers. Employers can now make online payments of EOB contributions avoiding the hassle of visiting bank branches.

Steps involved:

  1. Generate the EOBI payment voucher.
  2. Visit your bank’s e-payment portal.
  3. Use Generated Voucher’s ID as “Reference Number” to Transfer Funds in EOBI’s

The government has increased the pension of EOBI pensioners by Rs 2,000. The Cabinet approved an increase in the pension of EOBI, and the pension of EOBI pensioners has been increased by Rs 2,000. EOBI pensioners will now get a pension of Rs 8,500.

A new pension system for new employees will be introduced in the budget under which pension funds will be set up and deductions from employees’ salaries will be credited to this fund. The pension will be paid by the fund instead of the government treasury, but the new system will not apply to existing government employees. The main purpose of this initiative is to control the expenditure on government pensions.