Wednesday , October 4 2023

Electric Bus Service in Karachi, Route, Fare

The country’s first electric bus service has been inaugurated in Karachi, this bus will go from Malir Airport to Sea View, the fare of which is Rs.50. Electric bus service in Karachi is a new and innovative way to address the city’s transportation needs. The service aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and decrease air pollution, while providing a more efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation for commuters. Sindh Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon has announced a new electric bus route in Karachi. The new bus route will be 18 km long.

The first electric bus service for Karachi is being started by the People’s Party, this bus is environment friendly which will not emit any kind of pollution, it is charged by electricity and runs 240 km on a single charge. The electric bus service in Karachi is expected to begin with a fleet of 100 buses, which will cover major routes in the city. The buses will be powered by battery electric drivetrains, which means they will have zero emissions and be much quieter than traditional diesel buses.

Electric Bus Service in Karachi, Route, Fare

The new bus route will start from Malir Cantt Check Post 5 and the bus will pass through Safora Chowrangi, Masumiyat, Kamran Chowrangi and Dalmia. The bus will reach Exhibition Chowrangi via Stadium Road and MA Jinnah Road.

Total length 18km
Starting from
Checkpost 5
Safora chorangi
Kamran chowrangi
Perfume chowk
Milinium mall
Aga khan hospital
Liaqat national
MA jinnah
Starting today at 1300hrs

Pakistan’s first electric bus service route:

The benefits of electric bus service in Karachi are numerous. For one, the buses will significantly reduce air pollution, which is a major problem in the city. They will also save on fuel costs, as electricity is cheaper than diesel. Additionally, the buses will be more reliable and require less maintenance, which will result in fewer service disruptions. It will start from Malir Tank Chowk which will go from Airport to Shaara Faisal Sea View.

Electric Bus Service in Karachi Fare

The electric bus service in Karachi will also provide a more comfortable and convenient experience for commuters. The buses will be equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and charging ports for electronic devices. They will also have low floors and ramps for easy access for people with disabilities and senior citizens.

  • The electric bus service fare will be Rs.50.
  • First batch of 50 eco-friendly electric vehicles will hit the roads in Karachi which will be gradually increased.
  • Solar system was also installed for the charging of the buses. Each bus will complete a journey of 240 kilometers after one time charging.

The introduction of electric bus service in Karachi is a step in the right direction for the city’s transportation system. It not only addresses environmental concerns but also provides a better service for commuters. The success of this service could lead to more widespread adoption of electric buses in other cities in Pakistan and around the world.