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Eid Mehndi Latest Designs 2018

Eid Mehndi Latest Designs 2018

Eid mehndi Latest designs for hands, Foot and Arms. you can use these beautiful Mehdi Designs on Eid Ul Fitr Celebration and share it with Other who want to use latest Eid Ul Fitr Medndi Designs.

We describe simple introduction of Mehndi on this page for your information.


Mehndi is a tradition art of painting designs on hands legs shoulders and body with a paste made from the powered dried levies of HINNA plant (Scientific name :Lawsonia inermis).this plant is of cherry red to brown color but this can vary from time and range on the other factors.

Powder Shape of Mehndi is given below.henna mehndi


MEHNDI is an old form of body art that has been practiced in middle east,India and parts of Africa from thousand of years. Mehndi was commonly used by women but some time it may often use by men. Mehndi is brought from a paste made of henna most applied on hands and feet.


designs of mehndi
best mehndi designs

In different cultures where the practice of mehndi is flourished ,different styles have been developed. There are many designs of Pakistan and India, most commonly used world wide.There are also some designs and geometrical shapes of Morocco for mehndi.


the mehndi is used in a cone to make different designs on hand and feet for beautiful looks. In ancient time, mehndi was use with some pin type structures and now it is more commonly used by cone and may also be applied by chappa.mehndi usage


The mehndi most commonly used on hindu occasions like karwa choth and niwratri etc.It is also use on Muslim occasions like Eid ul Azha and Eid ul Fitr etc. It is also commonly use on marriages of both Hindus and Muslims .hand mehndi henna

Eid mehndi designs 2018:

Our team of collected so many mehndi designs for girls so that they can use them and enhance their beauty on Eid and marriages etc.

Eid mehndi designs for hands are given here.