Thursday , February 2 2023

Dr. Maha Shah Suicide Audio Messages Pictures

KARACHI: A few days before the death of Dr Maha, a young man who committed suicide in Gizri police station, an audio message came to light.

Judicial Magistrate South has issued a written decision on the request for exhumation and postmortem of Dr. Maha Shah in which the request for exhumation and postmortem of Dr. Maha Shah has been approved.According to the medical report, Dr. Maha was shot in the left side of the head and exited from the right side. The doctor has given wrong report. Dr. Maha Shah has been given poison and too many drugs. Permission for exhumation, postmortem and further medical examination of Dr. Maha should be granted to confirm the position of the plaintiff.

Dr. Maha Shah Suicide Audio Messages Pictures

On August 19, 25-year-old Dr. Syeda Maha Ali’s daughter Pir Syed Ali Shah allegedly committed suicide in a mysterious shooting incident inside a bungalow near Street No. 11 near Gizri Police Station in Karachi. Had committed suicide, while the father of the deceased had filed a case against his daughter citing the death of some friends as the reason that his daughter was being blackmailed by three people which forced Dr. Maha to commit suicide.

So far two cases have been registered in the incident while two persons have been arrested.Dr. Maha Ali’s alleged WhatsApp chats and voice notes are going viral on social media in which she is talking about the oppression inflicted on her by her boyfriend Junaid. In the alleged voice note, Dr. Maha Ali Ali can be heard saying, “He is suffering from severe mental disorders, Junaid has tormented his life and he has to use sleeping pills for restful and restful sleep.

A statement was taken from Junaid, a close friend of Dr. Maha, in which he said that he had been in touch with the late Maha Ali Shah for 4 years, we were going to get married soon. Later, Dr. Maha’s father said this. While denying that the news of Junaid and Maha’s marriage was baseless, Junaid used to threaten my daughter. Dr. Maha’s father Asif Ali Shah said in his video statement that my youngest daughter informed me about the situation after Maha’s suicide.

Dr. Maha Shah Suicide Audio Messages

An audio message of 25-year-old Dr Syeda Maha Ali, daughter of Pir Syed Ali Shah, who allegedly committed suicide last month within the limits of Gizri police station in Karachi, has come to light. She Said that I suffer from severe mental disorders, Junaid has tormented my life, and I have to take sleeping pills to calm down, I have also become an epileptic due to stress.Junaid often fights with me, even though I have broken up with him a long time ago. Dr Maha is also refusing to tell her friends about Junaid.

Dr. Maha Shah Suicide Audio Messages Pictures

Karachi District Court rejects Dr Maha Ali’s request for re-postmortem. Dr. Maha’s suicide case was heard in Karachi District Court South. Gizri Investigative Police requested for exhumation of Dr. Maha for re-autopsy.The district court, while dismissing the request for exhumation, remarked that Dr. Maha was buried in Mirpur Khas.The court directed the police to approach the Mirpur Khas District Court for exhumation.SP Investigation South also wrote a letter to Sessions Judge Mirpurkhas for exhumation of Dr Maha. An investigation team has left for Mirpur Khas for exhumation of Dr Maha, where exhumation will be done in the presence of a magistrate.