Thursday , February 9 2023

Athar Shah Khan (Jedi) Passed away in Karachi

Actor Athar Shah Khan Jedi is a renowned poet, playwright, filmmaker and well-known actor who gained fame from his role as a television personality has passed away at the age of 77 years.

He had been suffering from diabetes and kidney disease for many years. He has four sons, three of whom are living abroad. He was also afflicted with diabetes which gradually damaged his kidneys and finally proved fatal on May 10, 2020.

Athar Shah Khan (Jedi)Passed away in Karachi

He is considered one of the earliest television playwrights and artists. Wait for Athar Shah Khan’s superhit drama series, Hello Hello, Let’s Go, Burger Family, Ashiana, Aap Janab, Jedi in Trouble, Problem House, Hi Jedi, How to Dream, How to Watch, Be Careful and other dramas.

Dr. Athar Shah Khan ( Jedi)Passed away in Karachi


He has got his primary education from Lahore and secondary education from Peshawar. He completes his graduate degree from Urdu Science College in Karachi. Later, he did his Masters in Journalism from Punjab University.


جناب اطہر شاہ خاں صاحب کی مزاحیہ اردو شاعری

،داخلہ اُس نے کالج میں کیا لے لیا​
،لڑکیوں میں بڑا معتبر ہو گیا
،کھڑکیوں سے نظر اُس کی ہٹتی نہیں​
میرا بیٹا تو بالغ نظر ہو گیا​

’صاحب زادے کرتے کیا ہیں؟‘ لڑکی والوں نے پوچھا
’جب دیکھو فارغ پھرتے ہیں یا پیتے تمباکو ہیں‘
لڑکے کی اماں یہ بولیں’کام کرے اس کی جوتی‘
دو بھائی بھتہ لیتے ہیں ابا خیر سے ڈاکو ہیں

،رنگ خوشبو گلاب دے مجھ کو
،اس دعا میں عجب اثر آیا
،میں نے پھولوں کی آرزو کی تھی
آنکھ میں موتیا اتر آیا


He also created a number of programs and dramas, including the radio program “Rang Hi Rang, Jedi Ke Sang” and the Burger Family and Problem House for TV.


In 2001, he was awarded the Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan. When Pakistan Television celebrated its Silver Jubilee, Athar Shah Khan Jedi was awarded the Gold Medal.