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Stay blessed with reciting the Holy Quran daily. And care for the meaning of the Sayings of GOD. The Urdu translated version of Quran-e-Pak is here to share the best knowledge of the World and the meanings for the Holy word may guide you everything. Find here Holy Quran with Urdu Translation and Tafseer Pdf format.quran with Urdu & English translation pdf Download Quran Tilawat with Urdu Translation PDF

Beautiful Quran-e-Majeed Urdu Translation

Beautiful Quran Majeed Taj large font book Download in Urdu. The  Books of the Quran for computers and mobile can be viewed by Adobe Readers. Install Adobe reader latest version in your mobile or desktop pc top read Quran online in Urdu.quran with Urdu translation pdf

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Download Quran in the Pashto language: Quran-Pashto-1 

Download Quran in the Pashto language: Quran-Pashto-1