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Death anniversary of Lollywood actress Rani on 27 May 2013

Lollywood actress Rani

Death anniversary of Lollywood actress Rani on 27 May 2013

Lollywood actress Rani being remembered today

KARACHI: Great Pakistani film and television actress Rani is being remembered today (Monday) on her death anniversary, SAMAA reported.

Rani was born on December 8, 1946 as Nasira Sarfraz in Mozang, Lahore.

She obtained tremendous success in late 1960s when she was paired with renowned actor Waheed Murad.

She remained one of the most successful actresses of Pakistan in the next decade and acted in both Urdu and Punjabi films.

In 1962, Rani made her screen debut in the film Mehboob.

For the next few years, Rani appeared in supporting roles. However after the success of Hazar Dastan and

Dever Bhabi, Rani became a leading actress in Pakistani cinema.