Currency Rate in Pakistan on 15th May 2020


KARACHI: Currency Rate in Pakistan 2020 today is given on our page. The interbank rate of the dollar fell by 26 paise to close at 159.96 paise after fluctuations in the trading hours in the interbank market. 20 paise was reduced, bringing the open market rate of the dollar from Rs. 160.20 to Rs. 160.

You can get Pakistan currency exchange rate today on 15th May 2020. In the interbank market, the dollar closed at the highest level in the country’s history by 92 paise to close at the highest level in the country’s history. The external debt burden has increased by more than 900 billion rupees due to the increase in the value of US currency.

According to the Forex report, the purchase price of the euro dropped from Rs 179 to Rs 177 and the sale price dropped to Rs 179 from Rs 181, however, the price of British pounds was bought at Rs 200 and sales of Rs 202 remained stable.

today 1UK Pound to Pakistani Rupees in Pakistan today, You will obtain PKR Currency Rates in Pakistan. Experts say that the withdrawal of short-term investments from domestic lenders and stock markets by foreign investors led to a decline in the value of the rupee.

The price of Saudi riyals decreased from Rs 41.80 to Rs 41.50 and sales of sales dropped from Rs 42.30 to Rs 42. Similarly, the price of UE Durham was reduced from Rs 43.50 to Rs 42 and the price sale from Rs 44 to Rs 43.50 while the price of Chinese U Onion increased from Rs 20.50 to Rs 21.50 and the sale price remained stable at Rs 23.

Pakistan currency exchange rate today

Currency Rates in Pakistan. Pakistani Citizen gets the Latest Foreign exchange rates from our page as per Pakistan open market. You can see the dollar rate, interbank currency exchange rates, and international forex rates from here.

Currency Rate in Pakistan on 15th May 2020

پاکستان میں کرنسی کی قیمتیں معلوم کریں


  کرنسی کا نام  قیمت خرید قیمت فروخت   کرنسی کا نام  قیمت خرید قیمت فروخت
آسٹریلیائی ڈالر




100.50 برٹش پاؤنڈ 200.00 202.00
بحرین دینار


430.00 432.00 کینیڈین ڈالر 113.75 118.75
یورو 177.00 179.00 چینی یوآن 21.50 23.00
ہانگ کانگ ڈالر 21.00 21.25 ہندوستانی روپیہ 2.08 2.15
جاپانی ین 1.55 1.58 کویتی دینار 527.00 229.00
ملائیشین رنگٹ 38.05 38.40 نیوزی لینڈ ڈالر 98.05 98.75
عمانی ریال 429.50 431.50 قطری ریال 44.20 44.50
سعودی ریال 41.50 42.30 سنگاپور ڈالر 109.60 113.60
امریکی ڈالر 160.20 160.00 متحدہ عرب امارات دیرھم 42.00 44.00