Currency Rate In Pakistan


Karachi: Last week, the dollar rose by 94 paise against the rupee in the interbank market, taking the dollar’s interbank rate to 164.24 paise, while in the open currency market, the dollar rose by 1.20 paise to 164 paise. Rs 70 paise.

Currency Rate In Pakistan

There are Following rates of US Dollar, Saudi Riyal, UK Pound, UAE Dirham, and other foreign currencies on 25th June 2020. The dollar continued to appreciate from the start of trading on Friday on increased pressure on the interbank market to meet import-related needs. The change remained stable at Rs 164.45.

Currency Exchange Rates in Pakistan

Currency Rate in Pakistan: US Dollar, UK Pound, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham

Currency                               Buying                 Selling

Australian Dollar (AUD) 102.00 PKR          104.50 PKR

Bahrain Dinar (BHD)        398.50 PKR          400.50 PKR

British Pound (GBP)        187.50 PKR          190.00 PKR

Canadian Dollar (CAD)    111.00 PKR          113.50 PKR

Chinese Yuan (CNY)        21.65 PKR           21.80 PKR

Danish Krone (DKK)        22.40 PKR           22.70 PKR

Euro (EUR)                       167.00 PKR             169.25 PKR

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)                18.95 PKR            19.20 PKR

Indian Rupee (INR)         2.12 PKR               2.19 PKR

Japanese Yen (JPY)         1.37 PKR               1.40 PKR

Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)       493.00 PKR          495.50 PKR

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 35.95 PKR           36.30 PKR

New Zealand Dollar (NZD)99.20 PKR        99.90 PKR

Norwegians Krone (NOK)17.25 PKR         17.50 PKR

Omani Riyal (OMR)       390.00 PKR             392.00 PKR

Qatari Riyal (QAR)            41.15 PKR            41.50 PKR

Saudi Riyal (SAR)              39.30 PKR            39.90 PKR

Singapore Dollar (SGD)  104.50 PKR          106.00 PKR

Swedish Krona (SEK)      15.25 PKR            15.50 PKR

Swiss Franc (CHF)             150.95 PKR          151.85 PKR

Thai Bhat (THB)                   4.70 PKR             4.80 PKR

U.S. Dollar (USD)              150.15 PKR          151.15 PKR

UAE Dirham (AED)           40.40 PKR            41.10 PKR