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Corona Virus Lock down in Pakistan Latest Updates

ISLAMABAD: In Punjab, it is being considered to extend the lockdown from May 16 to May 24, but the decision on whether to extend the lockdown will be taken at the NCOC meeting. Sources said that the Home Department and the Health Department have suggested to the government that extending the lockdown for another week could significantly improve the situation.

Shops must comply with all SOPs.

This notification issued by Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare will take effect immediately and will remain in force until further notice.

The decision not to open public transport Imran Khan said that I think public transport should be opened because it will benefit the common man, but there are concerns of the province, SOPs will be formed in this regard, no decision will be taken without the provinces. He said that SOPs have been set up for each sector which has to be followed. It is the individual responsibility of the people to take precautions. In the case of symptoms, people have to go to quarantine on their own.

Working hours Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Omar said that it has been decided to open shops in industries, small markets, and alleys.

Two days off a week Asad Omar said that work will be allowed for 5 days a week and business will be closed for two days during which only those shops which were allowed during lockdown will be opened. It has also been decided to open a few OPDs in hospitals. Asad Omar said that millions of people in the country are compelled, talk of conflict between the federation and the provinces is baseless, all decisions are being made in consultation with the provinces, the Prime Minister could have imposed a decision on transport to the provinces, but he Wants decisions from all provinces together.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the establishment of a Tiger Force for relief work during the Corona epidemic.

Corona Virus LockDown in Punjab

In the light of the recommendations of the provincial cabinet, the working hours of various businesses have been amended and a notification has also been issued.

According to Secretary Primary and Secondary Health Care Capt (retd) Muhammad Usman, bakeries and dairy shops across the province, including Lahore, will be open 24 hours a week, while chicken and meat shops will be open from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm throughout the week.

Captain (Retd) Muhammad Usman said that SOPs would have to be followed in all business places including bakeries and dairy shops. The notification will come into force immediately and will remain in force until further notice. All business people should take a responsible approach and help the government to stop the spread of Corona.

In the second phase, the construction sector, PVC pipe electric appliances, and steel business will be allowed to open. Postal and courier services will also be open seven days a week.

Corona Virus Lock down in Pakistan Latest Updates

According to the notification issued by the Punjab government, sports events and processions will be banned. Similarly, public transport will remain closed, but the ban will not apply to Chung Chi rickshaws.

Hotels, wedding halls, cinemas, and public gatherings will be banned. Large shopping malls, educational institutions, restaurants will remain closed. Concerts and sports activities will also be closed. Public transport will also be opened by preparing SOPs in an early meeting with the transporters.

Corona Virus Lockdown in Sindh

There will be a complete lockdown across Sindh from 12:00 noon to 3:30 pm, in which all kinds of businesses, including the central market and regional shops, will be closed and no vehicles will be allowed on the roads. Another important step of the Sindh government came forward to prevent the spread of Corona, today issued a full three-and-a-half-hour lockdown notification across the province.

Which industries will open? Minister for Industry and Production Hamad Azhar said that pipe, steel, paint, ceramics, tiles, electric, cables, steel, aluminum, and hardware industries will be opened.

Due to the lockdown in the city to protect against the Korna virus, hunger pangs have been settled in the homes of those who earn a living and the Arbab authorities are not doing any work except for oral collection. Lockdown was implemented in Sindh from March 23 for 15 days on the orders of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

According to the notification, a three-and-a-half-hour lockdown will close all markets, shops, stores, eateries across Sindh, including Karachi, and will prohibit all types of shopping and sales.

Traffic flow will also be closed and counter-insurgency action will be taken while crania and medical stores will be open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Extension of school holidays, cancellation of examinations Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood said that the holidays of all educational institutions have been extended till July 15 and all examinations including matriculation and entrance have been canceled. Admission to universities will be based on the results of the eleventh grade.

Showrooms, entertainment venues including beauty parlors, intercity, and inter-provincial public transport will remain suspended for a period of time, while educational institutions will remain closed until May 31.

Punjab Infectious Diseases Ordinance 2020

Corona LockDown in KPK

The Interior Ministry has requested the cabinet to deploy troops in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The cabinet approved the deployment of troops in the province through a circulation summary. Federal cabinet approves deployment of Pak army in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

After the approval of the cabinet, the Pak army will be deployed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to assist the civil administration.

The government extended the partial lockdown in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa until April 14, which has been issued. Only foodstuffs will be allowed to open, large markets, barbershops and beauty parlors will be closed.

Corona LockDown in Balochistan

The lockdown period in the province will be extended till April 21, the provincial interior ministry issued a notification in this regard, while section 144 in the provincial capital, Quetta, has banned motorcycle riding.

The ministry has estimated the loss in the case of a limited lockdown at Rs 1,200 billion, in the case of a medium lockdown of Rs. These losses are estimated based on business losses, tax revenue losses, global trade losses, and unemployment losses.

In the context of the negative effects of the Coronavirus, waiver on various provincial taxes was also approved, construction waiver by 30 June 2020, slack tax for transport, Balochistan sales tax on services sector exempted by 30 June 2020. Govt approves suspension of receipt of royalty rent and fee hike on mineral production and Balochistan Electricity Duty collection.

Corona Virus Lockdown in Pakistan Latest Updates

Lockdown’s domestic economy will have profound effects and the government’s economic data will be shattered. In the case of unlimited lockdowns, 1.5 million people may be unemployed, which accounts for 2.2 percent of the country’s total workforce. If closed and only the necessary items are opened, then 22 million people will lose jobs.

Return of Pakistanis overseas “We will bring back Pakistanis safely from abroad. Since the operations began, 20,000 Pakistanis have been repatriated, this week and next week, another 7,500 are being repatriated,” said Moeed Yusuf, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister.