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Corona (COVID-19) Relief Package 2021 in Pakistan

Islamabad: Federal Cabinet approves Rs 1200 billion relief package for the public due to the corona epidemic. Under the ehsaas program, one crore 20 lakh people will be transferred Rs 12,000 per household cash. Cabinet approves the release of six billion rupees for payment of salaries and pensions for railway employees.

Corona (COVID-19) Relief Package

The State Bank of Pakistan has introduced a scheme to protect workers and employees during COVID-19 epidemics. This scheme was named as Employment Refinance Scheme.The purpose of the refinancing scheme is to provide interest-bearing loans at 3% interest on any business and immediate repayment terms which pledge the workers not to take leave for more than Three months.

Corona Virus COVID-19

The scheme was aimed at providing job incentives to businesses. SBP completed the scheme with 40% Risk Sharing Facility (RSF) on the basis of first loss by the Government of Pakistan to use the scheme for SMEs and small corporates. What (defined as a business with an annual turnover whose turnover does not exceed Rs. 500 per annum) two billion).

Prime Minister Corona Relief Fund PTV Live Telethon

You can watch Live Telethon Transmission for Prime misiter Corona Releif Fund on today at 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM Thursday 23rd April 2020.You can send SMS to donat Rs.20 from your mobile phone by sending SMS on 6677.
NBP Account Number 4162786786.

The State Bank of Pakistan has received 725000000 Doller from the World Bank. Banks have approved applications worth Rs. 1107.5 billion out of which Rs. 23.5 billion is for risk-sharing SMEs and small corporate.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Online Registration

Small traders will be able to operate under the Home Delivery Service. Chief Minister Sindh recommends that on the day of which sector shops will open, the day on which the clothing stores will open and tailor shops will be opened on the same day, Similarly, the day AC shops open, electricians and AC planters will open on the same day.

Employment Refinance Scheme
To address the concerns of the payroll and wage payment business during the current crisis of COVID-19, the SBP has hired businesses and employees under the scheme of financial assistance to pay salaries and wages to workers and employees.

Provide incentives to prevent Under this scheme, active taxpayers can get financial assistance from 3% on markup rate for payment of salaries.

Under the scheme, the federal government had also allocated Rs 30 billion under the Credit Risk Sharing facility for banks spread over four years to share the burden of future losses incurred due to bad loans. Under this risk-sharing arrangement, the federal government will bear the first loss of 40% on the core of the bank’s loan portfolio.

Corona Relief Package 2020 in Pakistan

The distribution phase will be completed in two to two and a half weeks.21 million households will have 12,000 per capita distribution, the ehsaas program is started, there is no political interference, if a family is deprived in two and a half weeks then they will donate funds. With the help of Tiger Force, more poor people will be found at the lower levels.corona emergency relief fund pakistan

Now people do not have to go to any hospital or laboratory to conduct their laboratory tests. Instead, you should call the mobile phone number 0336 284 7412 at Liaquat National Hospital between 08:00 am and 08:00 pm.

Arranged to deliver your home with no extra cost, citizens can call 0300-8646045 Mobile Number Practitioner WhatsApp to call the hospital by calling 021-265834441 from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

The prime minister has launched an Emergency Cash Relief SMS service under which Rs 150 billion would be distributed among the poor and needy.

Corona (COVID-19) Relief Package 2020 in Pakistan

18 countries in the world that are still protected from Corona:

These countries include Yankee, Turkmenistan, North Korea, South Sudan, Comoros, Lesotho, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nuru, Palau, Samoa, Sao Tome, and Principe, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Veneto

The World Bank’s Board of Directors has approved a $ 200 million package for Pakistan that will be used to tackle the Corona epidemic, strengthen the health system and solve socio-economic problems, as well as essential medical. An additional $ 38 million will also be received from the eight ongoing logistics projects.

Country Director World Bank says Corona is increasing Pakistan’s support to fight the virus, prep plan will help strengthen Corona’s ability to detect and monitor while transferring cash to the poor. He will also provide resources to assist, as well as provide personal protection equipment to ventilators and paramedics in public and private hospitals.

CM Punjab Insaf Imdad Program 2021 Registration Procedure

Nearly hundreds of crores of people are unemployed in Punjab due to coronavirus. In Sindh, 41 million people will be unemployed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and one million in Balochistan.Coronavirus may be the worst affected by Punjab unemployment in all four provinces. From the agricultural sector, one million to one million two million people can be unemployed. In Punjab, most people belonging to the agricultural sector will be unemployed while in other provinces, the service sector may be unemployed.

CM Punjab insaf imdad package

CM Punjab Corona Relief Fund BOP Branch code 0008 Account Number: 6010204028500013

Sindh government has decided to complete lockdown in the province from 12:00 noon to 03:00 pm on Friday, April 3, while special instructions have also been given to the police authorities to implement the decision. The decision was made to restrict Friday prayers, while the Sindh government has consulted with scholars from different schools.

Spread out in all corners of the country and engaged in the preaching process, all these preaching groups will be quarantined inside the mosques in which they are already housed. Will be declared where the preaching parties are busy.

CM KP Insaf Imdad Program 2021 Registration Procedure

CM KP Insaf Imdad Package

CM Sindh Corona Relief Program 2021

CM Balochistan Corona Relief Program 2021

PM Corona relief Tigers Force online registration

A meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) chaired by Advisor Finance Hafiz Sheikh was approved in which the Prime Minister’s Economic Relief Package was approved.

The committee has approved an economic package of over Rs 12 billion in the wake of the Coronavirus, which has allocated Rs 200 billion for workers working on daily wages, Rs 100 billion for the export sector and industries while agriculture and small and medium enterprises. 100 billion has been allocated for (SMEs).

In the economic package, Rs 50 billion has been earmarked for utility stores, Rs 280 billion for procurement of wheat at the state level, and Rs 100 billion for 100 million deserving families. The federal cabinet approved the government relief package of Rs 1200 billion

ECC approves Rs 70 billion for relief in petroleum products prices MA) was also approved to release Rs 25 billion.

Corona Helpline Number

Provincial governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have announced a special relief package for conditions arising from the Coronavirus. In Punjab, 25 lakh and 19 lakh eligible persons will be provided support in KP.

The Sindh government has established a mechanism to assist and provide funds to the deserving people in the wake of the lockdown. Sindh Home Department has written a letter to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Home Affairs under which the eligible persons will be registered under the mobile registration system.

The data of the persons in need will also be confirmed by NADRA, only one family member will be registered. However, if the bank account has 10,000 rupees, this person will not be considered needy. The State Bank will authenticate through the applicant’s bank accounts.

The Sindh government has also decided to seek the help of the FIA ​​to find the deserving ones. The FIA ​​will confirm whether the applicant, other than Hajj and Umrah, did not travel abroad. Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah announced another week of lockdown in Sindh.

The Chief Minister said that partial or full curfew is not being considered in Sindh. Goods transport, crayons, medical stores were not closed in the province.

He said people would be provided food and money in their homes. The supply of rations to the deserving people has begun and the supply of money will start soon.

Under Jamaat-e-Islami and al-Khudmat, 100 beneficiaries from around the city are being assisted.

CM Punjab Corona Relief Program

Taking this precautionary measure against the Corona virus can make it easier to win the battle against the plague. You should spend some time in the morning in the sun, do not close the rooms, rather open the door windows and allow the light sun to enter the rooms. Instead of screaming AC in closed rooms, sit in the fan air.

The UV rays present in the sun’s rays affect the protein that builds upon the virus’s outer structure and weakens the virus. Increased temperature or heat does not affect the virus, but the over-exposure of UV rays weakens the virus.

According to the 2017 census, Sindh has a population of 50 million people and 10 million or 1.4 million families are living on daily wages in the province. To be helped with cash, we have an average family of 7 people.
The Sindh government has also created a Relief Initiative app, which proposes to register the daily with an ID card on this app.

We have to create a system to help the government, welfare organizations, and philanthropists with a platform. Sindh Government has created a highly effective and excellent system of assistance to the needy, donors, and welfare organizations can be more effective by becoming the arm of the Sindh Government.

Another relief ship from China has arrived in Islamabad, the special aircraft has brought four and a half charter relief goods, including 15 ventilators, masks, and other medical items. The ventilators have 10 ICUs and five portables.

Corona (COVID-19) Relief Package 2020 in Pakistan

Corona Relief Package 2021 in Pakistan

Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said that all necessary steps have taken to prevent the Coronavirus, the flour and commodities are doing everything possible to improve the supply of essential commodities.
Two and a half crore worth of flour bags will be distributed free to the needy and needy.

Punjab has taken measures according to World Health Organization standards. We have set up more than 6,000 quarantine centers, 3,000 centers are located in Multan Labor Colony while centers are being set up in Lahore, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, and Rawalpindi. We have 41 high dependency units; hospitals have also been designated for Corona in South Punjab, Lahore, and Rawalpindi.

Corona (COVID-19) Relief Package 2020 in Pakistan

Distribution of rations among the laborers by the Al-Khudmat Foundation:

Al-Khudmat Foundation in Islamabad distributes rations to 1,000 daily laborers. Al-Khudmat Foundation Islamabad President Hamid Athar Malik said that two thousand ration packets have been distributed today and 1 thousand are being distributed today. Three thousand families are delivering rations from house to house, and the Al-Khudmat-ul-Razi Hospital has been made Karona Quarantina and ICU.

Private hospitals and hotels have also been taken on board where private quarantine centers with 880 rooms will be set up and those who do not want to be treated in public hospitals will be treated here at their own expense. We will re-recruit retired staff, including doctors, nurses and others, on a good salary. Along with this, the final air students will be hired.

Punjab government will provide funds and services to Balochistan and quarantine centers will be set up there. Thousands of foreigners are coming to Pakistan, steps are being taken to bring them to Quarantine Centers by airlift. They can also be transferred to Gwadar.

The Punjab government has increased the allocation of funds for Corona from 5 billion to 8 billion, and the IMF is also being approached. Are. Facilities have been provided to doctors and staff treating Corona patients, on this occasion the national interest should be kept in view, rather than personal interests.

According to the UN, the Secretary-General has set up a Response and Recovery Fund for low- and middle-income countries, which will help speedy recovery and help crisis-hit governments.

Corona Relief Package 2020
Punjab government has announced a monthly package of Rs 4,000 for 25 million families affected by Corona.

Over five million children have returned home from madrassas whose food was the responsibility of the madrassa. Take care of them, the anchors at the shrines were the source of livelihood and food for many people. Siblings and children are open-minded, it is your job to look after the rest, to think, to take care of it. Let’s make this difficult time easier.

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar announced the implementation of the Corona ordinance in the province and said that care for the virus patients.

Doctors and paramedical staff will be paid one month extra. 3100 prisoners to be released for 90 days Corona ordinance has been implemented from today. An amount of Rs 10 billion is being allocated for the 25 million families who are affected by the Coronavirus in the province. 18 billion province taxes will be waived and the doctors and medical personnel killed while treating Corona. The package will be delivered.

Corona Relief Package 2021

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has also announced an economic package of Rs 11.4 billion to provide relief to the business community. The business community will be exempted from a tax of Rs 5 billion. There will be no food shortage in the province, strict action will be taken against the foodies and stores.

In the wake of the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus, provincial taxes of Rs 18 billion will be exempted. The province will not implement curfew and will effectively implement Section 144 inmates.

Everything is stopped, there is fear in the atmosphere, schools, colleges, universities are closed, there is no business, there is no more now, attendance at offices is low, marriage halls are closed, roads are empty.

CM Punjab insaf imdad

Workers are off the road, there are no wages, people have stopped burning, shaking hands can also cause illness, masks are not in the market, they are expensive; Well, think of those who cannot stock, who have not been paid for several days, find those who are unemployed, help them, otherwise you may be from Corona. Survive and die shamelessly.

Assess how many people have become unemployed, leave cirrhosis, visiting teachers’ income is stopped, poverty is moving to lower levels, take care of yourself but do not neglect those around you, difficult It is difficult to spend time alone, and getting in touch will pass faster and better.

If possible, consider the lender’s request. Must help out if possible. Make it easy for people, Allah will make it easy for you. Avoid travel if possible; follow precautions if necessary; masks are provided at each bus, wagon stop.

LWMC Corona Relief Cash Package for Works.


Provide Corona PCR kits and biosafety cabinets to laboratories established for hepatitis B and C diagnosis in teaching hospitals, from the care, precautions, treatment, use of machines, and testing of Corona patients on an emergency basis. Planning for the training of relevant matters. PCR machines can be used to replace bio-safety level kits in DHQs.

The State bank of Pakistan has received 1 1 billion from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Both organizations provided کروڑ 50 million. After which Pakistan’s total foreign exchange reserves had reached the level of ارب 17.77 billion. They will increase further after receiving money from Chinese banks.