Wednesday , February 8 2023

Coke Studio Singer Momina engagement Pictures

Coke Studio Singer Momina engagement Pictures

Karachi: Coke Studio Season beautiful singer Momina to fame is being increasingly recommended by 9 believing viral photos of this event which has engaged social media.
The singer Momina recently recommended the faithful attended the relatives and close friends who had been engaged to perform with Ali Naqvi US Banker Residential engagement ceremony when the two extreme simplicit

Hi world. Meet my fiancé, Ali Naqvi. We met each other for the first time less than a month ago, our families really liked each other and now we’re engaged.

Coke Studio Singer Momina engagement Pictures:

momina engagement ceremony images

Though we wanted to keep this only between our close family and friends, and celebrate this privately and get to know each other without unnecessary hype and interference, news got everywhere. I firmly believe that everyone has a right to keep their private life to themselves, but in this case, the ball is no longer in our court
The images are being increasingly engaged singer viral on social media, which has been given the messages of congratulations from fans and social networking Web site, the singer married top trend on Twitter.
Momina Coke Studio Singer engagement Photos:

Momina Mustehsan got Engaged with Ali Naqvi